SJJ3 Goku (End of DBZ) vs Itachi & Madara Uchiha(Shippuden)

Topic started by Tradog on Nov. 13, 2009. Last post by Dream 5 months, 2 weeks ago.
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spite thread, please lock

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Super spite match, even Goku Saiyan Saga would solo the Narutoverse.

Goku SSJ3 is star level+ and relativistic+ (around same speed like Gotenks SSJ who flew 5 or more times around the world), he would speed blitz and punches their head off in a instant before Madara or Itachi could think or do anything.

Lock please.

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Goku owns without SSJ :)

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Congrats a bumping a 5 year old thread. Lol.
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Major wtf stomp, Goku doesn't need to destroy the planet, he just knock them out by simply powering up

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@Loki_D: Seriously, why bring this back? It's in agreement here Naruto characters even now only get passed mid Saiyan Sagas at best.

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Was there any point to necroing this one-sided match? Goku easily lays waste to the Uchihas. 
Locking this up.
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