Silver Surfer vs Tetsuo (manga)

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Who would win?

Tetsuo or SS

More people are probably aware of the silver surfer than tetsuo so... Tetsuo is a very strong psychic from the akira manga, able to destroy Continents with ease using telekinetic attacks, dodge laser beams traveling at the speed of light, merge with technology, teleport anywhere instantly (he moves faster than light), turn into lighting, control the fundamental forces of the universe (such as gravity), regenerate from any form of physical damage almost instantly (although he can take city busting assaults to the face without using energy shields and not need to do much healing), and can absorb energy attacks. His minds has transcended space time (in the manga he witnessed his own birth), also able to read minds even of other superhuman psychics easily and sense things in battle before they occur.



Some good tetsuo feats

Turning into electricity and controlling weather.

Giving the moon rings with a telekinetic blast ( crater covers a third of the surface diameter making it well over 1000km wide and hundreds of km deep easily giving him the ability to wipe out many countries at the wave of a arm).

Taking a near city busting orbital relay attack to the face

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surfer rapes. He can move millions of time FTL for starters and can use a number of attacks that can put tetsuo down for good

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Post by bentech (7 posts) See mini bio Level 4

Oh Faster than Light, I am not sure but I think Tetsuo can step outside of time and go anyplace without any time elapsing.

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Surfer can see backwards and forwards in time. He can turn Tetsuo's eyesockets into singularities. He can scatter Tetsuo's particles across space and so far apart he ceases to exist. Surfer has a million ways he can kill Tetsuo.
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@ReiKai: tetsuo does all those things, he eventually begins to create universes.

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How could someone see their birth and predict the future if they were not able to see through time?

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Planet busting with ease.......

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SS wins, has better feats. Perhaps the post credits tetsuo would fair better but I always think it is kinda dumb when creators turn their characters into gods (and yes at the end tetsuo creates a big bang and millons of galaxies) but at that point I always think it is dumb. Anything past galactus level power is not interesting to read in. FYI, I like ss way more.

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Surfer wins... that guy is massively FTL..

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Surfer owns

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to me i don't think it would be easy and the other guy would out up a good fight

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You guys are all soooo wrong it is funny, the SS would be manhandled like a drunk retarded paraplegic baby taking a nap. In the manga Tetsuo never really tries to kill people he is more interested in taking drugs and banging chicks and pretending to be a king than actually fighting people, the only person he cares about is akira the other god in the manga that has the ability to stop him.

1) Saying that SS is "massively FTL" means NOTHING to Tetsuo, he operates outside of space time, he could travel from one side of the universe to the other a hundred million times with NO TIME PASSING, THUS HE IS INFINITELY FTL. Where has the SS ever proven he can travel from one side of reality to the other with ZERO time passing??

2) Planet busting means NOTHING AT ALL to late game Tetsuo, it is made clear in the manga that his power grows exponentially and has INFINITE POTENTIAL. Look below he creates a BIG BANG, with pure willpower he brings hundreds of billions of stars and planets into existence from nothing. Silver Surfer only manipulates matter and energy, Tetsuo can create MASSIVE quantities of it from pure nothing. And if he is able to create universes then that means he has the energy and ability to control / create anything that is withing a Universe such as black holes (millions of them) supernovas (again millions) and the strongest true explosions know to man gamma ray burst which have thousands open thousands times the energy that even the largest stars emit over billions and billions of years.

SS- Tetsuo you must stop---- Uses a massive burst of cosmic energy multiplanet-busting level

Tetsuo- Hmmm I sense a small small release of energy.

SS- What how can you survive?

Tetsuo- (ignoring SS because he is no longer interested in interacting with lesser humanoids) Starts to fly off thinking that the SS is not worth his time.

SS- Where are you going scared?

Tetsuo- (Deciding to have some fun dealing the microscopic ant) Sets off 1,000,000 gamma ray burst each large enough to disrupt the spin of the Milkiy way galaxy inside of silver surfers head, then takes the remains and collapses them into a thousands super high density black holes.

Tetsuo proves that he is on the level of a god.

And at bentech, why is it dumb when a creator makes a character a god, if the story and plot are good why does the outcome matter if it fits with what is going on?????

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The translation for the Japaneses in the youtube video is

"I am Tetsuo", a fitting thing for one to say when he creates a universe.

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You're incorrect there friend. Tetsuo was able to collapse a universe through his power alone but he wasn't capable of creating them. Akira is the power, Tetsuo can merely tap into it. SS would win this fight, but Tetsuo was far more powerful at the end of the manga when he turned into a giant baby, than when he put a hole in the moon.

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yeah, everyone is the power, akira had his transcendental awaking where he separated himself from the universe and became his own "flow" in 1988, tetsuo at the end was doing the same thing as akira when he started creating that sphere he was getting ready to free himself (although his ego is gone now) from the flow of the universe so that he could use it with no limitations or pain. Tetsuo was destined and predicted to be akira's equal or greater by every precog in the manga. Akira does not destroy tetsuo he teleports him to another dimension where it appears in the movie to master his power and regain some non psychotic mental clarity. Also the moon picture is better to show than any of the baby pictures but yes he grows stronger every second that passes so the closer to the end the stronger he is, exactly my point he was destined to surpass even akira.

The precog states that she believes Tetsuo will grow more powerful then Akira.

Lady Miyako tells Tetsuo that Akira and his powers are both beyond measure but the drug he is addicted to was designed by the program to stunt his growth, after he kicks the habit his powers grow at an absurd rate by the day.

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No that's a common mistake, not everyone is the power. Akira became the embodiment of the power, while his old friends and Tetsuo can tap into the power (but they suffer consequences when they do). Hence when they tap into the power Akira becomes stimulated and creates nuclear like explosions (he's actually creating universes). Tetsuo was said to have more potential than Akira before Akiras body was taken over. However, in the end of the you can clearly see that Tetsuos power pales compared to Akiras.

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The precog states that tetsuos power is beyond measure, the sphere he is creating is his own universe to separate himself from the flow just like akira did. Also at the time of the precog statements akira was already separate from the universe and his own "flow" but still the precog said tetsuo would overtake him so your logic about potetnial or "body being taken over makes no sense" . In the movie it is clearly stated that the power exists within in everyone akira was the first to make his mini uniniverse in 1988 and gain full control of it.

Again if akira became the embodiment of the power in 1988 what line of logic makes you think that after that fact the precog was referring to the pre-awakened akira? If she was making predictions about someone defeating akira she would probably refer to the akira in the present day not the one from 30 years ago decades before tetsuo was born it would be a major plot hole. That would be like a sport show host saying he thinks the bears are going to win the super bowl then when they suck ass he says, "well duh I meant the bears from the 1980's".

The whole concept of the akira story is that humans will all eventually evolve into gods and that sometime this happens in some people faster than other. Everyone has some power within them that is part of the greater flow of the universe, however akira was the first with the right genes to allow him to separate his inner power from the flow. The colonel called this his transcendental awaking. Tetsuo was following a similar path because akira was first said to lose control then blow up tokyo creating a strange energy sphere, after this point akira has full control over his power. Tetsuo was making the same sphere akira made when he transcended his connection to the universe, akira simply stepped in and moved him to another dimension before he killed tens of millions of people like akira did when he was devloping control over his powers. eventually in tetsuos universe lifeforms will evolve their own inner power and separate them self from the greater flow of the universe (aka in tetsuos universe the flow they are fighting will be tetsuos power) then they will make mini universe to separate their inner power from tetsuo and then start their own universe and the cycle will go on forever. IT DOES NOT ALL LINK BACK TO AKIRA BEING THE ONLY POWER.

I mean come on Otomo wrote every line of the movie and was in charge of screen play, if the creator of the story showing his character start a big bang while saying "I am tetsuo" does not make you think he has universal creation powers you are lost and are over complicating the plot.

Second off we have two endings to go on. Neither one makes Akira the clear favorite.

1) (Manga ending) Tetsuo makes a giant sphere and then akira and the other children make a giant sphere to absorb it, within the sphere both tetsuo's and akira's memories are equally represented, it does not appear that one ego overpowers the other. After the sphere nothing is mentioned of any characters, other than the fact that the espers believe they and perhaps others may return.

2) (Movie ending ) Tetsuo starts to lose control and akira makes a sphere to teleport him away, next scene tetsuo appears except he is no longer crazy sounding and is not talking like a crazy person then he sets off a big bang and starts a universe.

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Yes akira has transcended to a level where he is connected to anyone that uses the power and is pure energy, but that does not mean tetsuo does not have the potential to do so as well, if physical form Tetsuo is stronger than physical form akira (which in your logic you said that was what the precog was talking about) then why is it so set in stone that energy form akira must be stronger than energy form tetsuo. If the physical akira (who you said is weaker than the physical tetsuo) was able to gain control over his potetnial why would the more powerful tetsuo not be able to eventually do the same. Otomo drove the point home that tetsuo did transced the flow of the universe when he explictly showed him making a big bang, at no point was akira ever shown to do anything other than capture space (which is still a universe) but at no point is akira ever shown inhabiting his universe with matter unlike tetsuo who creates billions of stars.

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Well if Tetsuo can go outside the timeline that is a impressive feat on it's own, I mean if not for that I would be on Surfer's side, the only things I know that can compete with that are some of the near god-like characters or Girono Giovana at the end of his series.

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