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ONE PIECE GROUP.-luffy,zoro,sanji (current)

NARUTO GROUP.-naruto,sasuke,sakura (current)

TORIKO GROUP.- toriko,coco,sani (current)

BLEACH GROUP.- ichigo (dangai) , toshiro, byakuya (current)

HUNTER X HUNTER GROUP.- Gon freecs, kurapika, killua (current)

FAIRY TAIL GROUP.- Natsu, gray, erza (current)

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST GROUP.- Edward, roy mustang, fullbody

SOUL EATER GROUP.- Maka,death the kid, black star (with their respective partners) (current)


MARINE ARMY .- 100,000 marines.

SHICHIBUKAI (no blackbeard,no crocodile)

ADMIRALS.- kizaru, ao kiji, akainu and sengoku

PACIFISTAS.- 10 pacifistas


*fight at a huge field

*no prep time

*win by KO or death

*start 200 meters away from each other


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Ichigo and Naruto are enough to solo.

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Yes, they can do it. It's awesome when you know all these. I'd say let the bottom 4 groups handle most of the fodder and lower tier officers. Let the top 4 handle the admirals and shichibukai. Some of them would have to help each other out but I think it could be done. Maybe I can go into details a bit better later. Good one!
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@taichokage: i know! just imagine all of them raiding marineford that would be awesome!

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Mid-way through the Toriko manga each strand of Sani's hair was able to hold up to 300kgs in weight, but he could go a thousand times over that if needs be. That puts each strand of hair at 300 tonnes max, and whilst at that point in the manga he possessed 300,000 strands of hair he now has a million strands of hair. His minimum strength currently in the manga is 300 million tonnes. And again mid-way through the manga Toriko was able to blast through hundreds of millions of tonnes of water using 32 ren punch, he can now go over 50 ren with ease. So I ask what is the OP army going to do to these guys???

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@All_StarSupes: logias can pose some danger to the kings since they wouldnt be able to touch them, other than that you are 100% right.

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Sani and Toriko may not be able to damage the logias, but Coco's poison isn't a physical attack so it should affect them.

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@All_StarSupes: how would you poison smoke or light?

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