Shishio Runs the Swordsman Gauntlet

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 Shishio is going to take on some of the best swordsmen to gain total power.
  • fight takes place in a pagoda consisting of 8 floors
  • Shishio has 2 hours to heal between fights and is open to a hospital full of current Medicines and procedures used today (painkillers,stitches,morphine,.etc..)
  • Each character is using standard equipment
Can he do it?
Floor 1- Saito
Floor 2- Samurai Jack
Floor 3- Mugen
Floor 4- Afro Samurai
Floor 5- Rai Dei the Blade
Floor 6- Clare
Floor 7- Shinomori
Floor 8- Guts (with berserker armor)
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Dead on the 4th floor from a battle with accumulated scars and painkiller overdose (maybe), plus the fact that getting injured deteriorates his already damaged body . and dead on Afro
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no floor one or two, but yes only death awaits after those floor, 2 hours is not enough if you loss shit load of blood and your body will  kill itself first
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Saito would be a walk in the park since he got owned before by Shishio. No medical treatment needed for the 2 hour break. 
Jack would be a challenge since he's fought monsters and robots. I see Shishio beating him, but not getting out of the battle completely unscathed. Shishio would need the two hours to stitch up and bandage his wounds, as well as get some painkillers. 
Mugen shouldn't pose much of a problem, though the injuries from Shishio's last battle will be nagging him. He'll be praying the pain subsides in the 2 hours he has before facing... 
Afro Samurai. Afro can take damage, as well as dish it out well enough meaning the pain from Shishio's last couple battles will start hurting him here. With both of these guys being very skilled swordsmen, Afro could stall the battle for 15 minutes, long enough for Shishio to combust in flames. If Shishio is lucky enough to beat Afro, he'll be barely holding up at this point as he deals with... 
Rai-Dei the Blade, the battle which will be Shishio's swan song. With Rai-Dei's blade swings being capable of leveling buildings, even Shishio in his best condition wouldn't be able to hold up to Rai-Dei.
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@Dream: Wasnt Saito injured in his fight with shishio though?
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Yep, his legs were injured when battling against another Juppongatana member. But even in his best condition, Saito had a tough enough time against Kenshin in battle and Shishio's supposed to be of a higher caliber than Kenshin before he completed his training with Hiko. Keep in mind Shishio's sword can be set ablaze since it's soaked in the bodily fats of all the victims he slaughtered. One clean strike with Shishio's sword would be enough to seriously injure someone since they're also getting their skin and insides burned.
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wat possible feats have this guy showed that proves he can take clare
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