Shiki Vs 5 Kages

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No Knowledge

Shiki - Bloodlusted & Not Senile

Current 5 Kages - Really Want To Win

Location: Merveille Islands (Shiki Basically Has Prep)

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Shiki has the homefeild advantage here considering that all of those islands are under his complete control. It is for that reason that i give him the edge here

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But Onoki would have a degree of control as well. Not only is he an earth manipulator and alleged ila d buster; but he can levitate and move islands too. Because of Onoki mainly being a fair counter to Shiki's abilities, I think that the kage could win. If Onoki undoes or counters Shiki (at least to some degree), it leaves all 4 other Kage available to attack.
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Onoki is not on the same level as Shiki thats why its 5 vs 1. Onoki has to be constantly touching the object to direct it where he wants to go whilst Shiki can simultaneously control anything (apart from living things) he has levitated after touching it once & he says it wont be undone unless he undoes it or loses consciousness.

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the kages win, this is like saying pre time skip luffy can beat all five kages which is impossible.

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Wow your underestimating Shiki & overestimating the Kages a lot. That's like saying Magellan/Enel/Crocodile/Lucci & Moria (if he used his devil fruit how I would use it) will not kill most if not all of the Kages.

Do you realise I gave Shiki prep & he is bloodlusted he could essentially do a Madara & make the islands fall like meteors...

Why do you believe Shiki would be defeated without killing 3 or 4 of the Kages?

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the five kages are lame, they cant eeven beat one man. with that said, they win this match, as strong as shiki is, he cant beat all of them, but mostly because of onoki, although if he were to take him out first he could possibly win

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As far as I know of Shiki from the movie, he takes this.

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Onoki weight control ability was capable of holding off one giant meteorite the size of a mountain, he also lifted the giant turtle island with one hand with complete ease, and break through Madara's defense.... That said what can Shiki do? Gaara's sand could be of assistance as his sand works well with Onoki's weight manipulation, there's also the Raikage who's stupidly fast for a Naruto character and has crazy strength along with Tsunade's medical abilities and Mei's Lava-steam control!

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He held of the that mountian sized meteorite with the help from Gaara. Can he hold off island sized meteorites simultaneously coming at him from different directions?

I have said this in countless other threads that turtle lifting is not a feat because he used a jutsu to enable the turtle to loose enough weight for it to float, Onoki was only guiding the turtle to the appointed location.

He broke through with many combination attacks with the other kages & Madara's incomplete susanoo is not that great, Itachi's is still greater.

What can Shiki do?

He has complete control over the battlefield. He can shape it and manipulate it how he wants. This should really be enough but he can also fire sword projectiles, can fly, can easily keep up with gear 2 Luffy.

What can the Kages do?

If a bloodlusted Shiki drops the Merveille islands on them. Gaara & Onoki just about survived 2 mountain sized ones.

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Errr... yeah the Kages die quite easily if The Golden Lion has prep, he is practically worse to face than Madara in this situation.

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