Sesshōmaru VS Hiei

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@nishi99: OMG get out!

Speed equal now leave.

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3rd, his regen is limited to non essential body parts, arms, legs etc. So not all that usefull when his head is cut off

Heres the 2nd place where you messed up. He's regenerated his arm before as thats how he created bakusaiga but i'm not talking about that. I'm refering to the bolded part. So you don't remember how the speed is equal . For you to state he will cut sesshomaru's head off he would need his speed for that, as sesshomaru isn't going to sit there and look at hiei cut him.

At what point did I state that Hiei would cut his head off in this sentence? I was pointing out the simple fact that his regen is limited to non-essential body parts, so cutting his head off would kill him. Hiei is more than capable of cutting his head off even with the speed being equal. Even when releasing their power, it cause everything around them to crumble and shake, Yusuke barely managed to hold up against Yomi's energy when their battle started, whats to say the Sesshomaru is able to stand perfectly still when Hiei releases his? Given the difference in power is highly unlikely that he will reman uneffected by it and will more than likely stagger, leaving himself open for attacks.

Yet that doesn't help him tank bakusaiga. As Naraku's base form could tank wind scar which in the manga is mountain level but we l call it that thing a very big hill, so a demon who tanks wind scar and calls it a lttle breaze (when he doesn't have his full armor on ). So when this turtle demon gains his full armor he can even tank inuyasha's diamond spears, which they just bounced off of this demon. I'll give you proof but I'll do so later. So another demon named moryomaru then takes this armor and also steals inuyasha's diamond spears which he then adds another demons power in with it. Soon later after moryomaru does all this upgrading to it naraku comes up and takes it from him. Naraku also carries the jewel of for souls which means naraku's powers amps up this suit. So what does that mean for sesshomaru's bakusaiga nothing as it's power doesn't relies on striking force like most InuYasha/Yu Yu Hakusho attacks.

Can you show Bakusaiga effecting a demon ranked as a high S class? If not then there is nothing to say it can indeed harm an S class demon.

Can you post some scans of this mountain level feat, as far as I was aware they never got beyond town level in destructive capacity. Its either a mountain or a hill, I will make my jugdement on which when I see it.

Diamond has its limits, and it can be broken through sheer force. Given that he broke through with a town+ level attack he would be classed as a high B low A class. As I said before the difference in power between A and S is substantial indeed, coupled with the fact that Hiei slaughtered 500 mid A class demons with just his sword does not give Sesshomaru much credit.

Bakusaiga continuosly disintegrates the body. So how could any one with just a high durability level, yet not an immity or any type of regeneration even stand a chance.

I am aware of the mechanics behind the blade, but you still have to show it taking effect on a demon in the upper S class region. Without something like this then its all a hunch on your part that it can indeed effect demons many times more powerful than himself. My rule of thumb is, the weapon is only as powerful as the person who wields it or created it. Sesshomaru is no S class so it not unreasonable to think that it might have no effect of them.

The only thing Sesshomaru has that can possibly win him this match is Bakusaiga, and there is no guarantee that it will effect a demon of Hiei's caliber unless you can show me otherwise. Can you show me scans of how the poison enters the blood stream for example?

Outside of this sword he is virtually outmatched in every other way, given that Hiei can KO/kill him with a punch or one shot him with his own blade. No amount of posting from either of us will change this.

I could even go further and say again that if Sesshomaru has a one shot weapon as you say, then by all rights and reason Hiei is allowed to use his Dragon to even the odds.

Him having speed makes this a stomp, him without his speed makes this a "Goku vs Superman" type thread in that neither side will conceed the point they are trying to make irregardless of how outlandish their claims are, at the end of the day this is going to be a majority vote and as far as I can tell its:

True I've been on a post like this before where someone can one shot the other. It was the strongest swords man in One piece vs Sesshomaru. mihawk or something like that i forget.

When i'm in the place votes don't count, facts do.

Naruto vs Goku

14 vs 1

That is true, but when we reach a deadlock like this, the only way to settle it is by majority vote else it goes on and on. And this is the case right now, arguing this any further is pointless in my eyes.

Also the Naruto vs Goku (I assume both at peak) is a horrible example as only in a very biased community would you get an answer like that. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together could tell you this.

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Wow. I'm pleased at the maturity of those in this thread. It ended peacefully and did not require a lock.
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anyone else or are we done?

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Hiei, fairly easily.

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Sesshomaru stomps this overrated demon.

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anyone else?

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Sesshomaru's sword Bakusaiga is a one hit KO, I think he could potentially win if he flies up and attacks Hiei.

Inuyasha series didn't really show any destructive feats so it's hard to use them in battles.

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I say this could go either way

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