serenity vs star wars space battle

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Well, Star Wars has a big edge, considering many of the Star Wars characters can use the force to help them out, unlike Serenity characters, whom are just human with no abilities, aside from that one little girl... Come to think of it, didn't Master Starkiller take down a Starship Destroyer with the force? Star Wars stomp.
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It's not a particularly fair comparison since Firefly/Serenity is a much harder science fiction whereas Star Wars bends the rules a bit and is set on top of simply being set in an infinitely more advanced setting.  Star Wars wins hands down, although Firefly is easily my favourite American television series, for what it's worth.
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Well said, I would have to agree with you fully. Star Wars is on a higher power scale level.

Serenity was a good series... Too bad Fox cancelled it. What do these producers do to good shows? 'Oh know, this show has quality! Pull it off the air!' while they leave crap on like big brother... ugh
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The empire solos
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@geraldthesloth said:
"The empire solos"

Lol, true, true. Darth Vader solos. ha
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