Sensui vs Nappa

Topic started by Obito on Sept. 11, 2013. Last post by nishi99 1 year, 1 month ago.
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- A Desert. 
- In character. 
- No prep.
- Both are willing to kill. 
Who wins? 
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Sensui should be around Goku at the beginning of DBZ. Nappa rapes.

Yusuke (3 kings saga) would have a better chance against Nappa

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We recently had a Yusuke vs Nappa thread and it was highly arguable if even Yusuke could beat Nappa. I really don't think Sensui can do it especially with the famous two finger attack from Nappa. No way he can tank that.
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I agree, nappa stomps. But to be fair, sensui was a better character.
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Just because people think that Yusuke can fight with Nappa doesn't mean that Sensui can. When they say Yusuke they mean EOS, which is MANY times stronger than Shinobu. Nappa takes this with ease.

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Nappa via being the Pattycake Champion. Or by raising his two fingers.

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Nappa easily.

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