sensui vs dangai ichigo

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@phantomrant: idk, but I can tell you who's winning. It's me of course and I'm not even in this battle.

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@Whats_out_the_bag said:

@phantomrant: idk, but I can tell you who's winning. It's me of course and I'm not even in this battle.


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@phantomrant: You

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@CerusSerenade said:

@solesamurai: So first you're saying Kubo doesn't apply typial physics (even though he does in Naruto with Pain's Shinra Tensei) and then you say there's clear showing of black hole level gravity, which is the HEART of phsyics.

The point is, Kubo does show correct physics in Naruto, so he would be expected to do so in Bleach, and if the gravity was as strong as Aizen said it was, there would have been a crater around where Ichigo was put in the black coffin.

I love how you keep saying "it clearly shows gravity manipulation in the video despite having no effects on the environment." That's like saying there's clearly sugar in this candy when it's sugarless gum. It goes against logic and previously confirmed information.

Now are you done trying to bullshit your way through saying Aizen can create black hole level gravity or do we have to deem you retarded before you get it?

1. I have no idea what you're talking about here, There is no heart of physics, since nothing is in direct relation to everything. Seems like a bunch of meaningless babbling to me.

2. I did not say it was a clear showing of black hole level gravity not even once, I said there was clearly intense gravity, I conceded the black hole level argument ages ago, and you wouldn't let it go.

3. Kubo doesn't write naruto or eve contribute to art to it, once again lots of meaningless dribble here. And Kubo is a lazy artist, he doesn't draw backgrounds half the time, how is he expected to draw anything of significant important? I'm sorry but you don't seem to know what you're talking about here.

4. It's fiction not supposed to make 100% since, if it shows gravity in the video and the character says it's intense gravity. Then it's probably intense gravity despite how much you don't want it to be. I love how you write responses like a pretentious jerk too. Nice reading this and getting the vibe you're a narcissist. And No that wasn't an insult, I was just telling you this response makes you look like a narcissistic jerk.

5. Now this is when I begin insulting you again. You see you calling me retarded would be like a slug calling another slug a slimy nuisance. The pot calling the kettle black. You see what I'm getting at here? You are about as intelligent as a dirty diaper, and I'm being nice. Go stick your dick in a woodchipper bitch boy.

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@solesamurai: Even if we accept for argument sake that Ichigo can stand black hole level gravity, how's he gonna beat Sensui?

Sensui is much faster and has better strength/durability feats. He wins.

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@supernova7005: I will say it again, I;ve conceded the blakc hole level gravity argument. After this I'm gonna just start trolling everytime someone asks me about it.

And if ichigo could withstand black hole level gravity that'd a better strength durability, and endurance feat sensui has shown, That'd put ichigo vastly above dbz top tiers. I don't think you know just how ridiculous the gravity in a black hole is, because sensui would have 0 chance for victory. Even if he was faster has no way to hurt Ichigo, therefor he couldn't win.

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@solesamurai: But it's clear that Ichigo is stronger than Aizen, and Ichigo was destroy plateaus, nothing more.

Sensui has busted mountains casually, he takes this.

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