Sendo Takeshi(Hajime no Ippo) vs Ekichci Onizuka (GTO)

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Sendo decides to finally enter a high school, and using the money of the fights and some extra cash from a sponsor he enter Holy Forest academy, in almost no time he pisses off Onizuka, so they decide to solve it by fighting..
Who will win? The sheer power of Sendo? or the Bashit insane fighting abilities of Ekichi?  

The Fight in the roof of the school, they're 10 mts away from each other
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Give me feats on Sendo please, and I am currently siding with Ekichi
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In Hajime no Ippo, Sendo's a former Japanese featherweight boxing champ who is an aggressive mid-range boxer making use of powerful left hook punches called "Smashes." He's a former gang leader and street fighter who took up boxing after beating up several boxers from the gym he would later gain membership in.
Still, I'd say this match goes to Onizuka. His feats in the series would be considered nearly superhuman as he survived falls from multiple stories high (at a couple points saving a suicidal student), arm wrestled over 100 men in a single sitting, took a bench shot to the head without having serious injury, recovered from a broken arm in less than a day, attended a national exam despite having multiple gunshot wounds recently happen to him, shattered apart two bowling balls that his fingers were glued into by one of his students and is a skilled martial artist capable of fighting multiple well-armed opponents. I never seen Sendo demonstrate any of those kinds of feats in his series, so I imagine him being whopped.
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Onizuka has inner strength from the early days and would win easily. A lot of people dont know him from Shonan Junai gumi
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But Sendo (in his last appereance in the manga) haves a hell lot of firepower (I bet he could knock a horse by punching him with a Smash) Sendo wins in brute force  
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: But onizuka trumps in durability
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