Semi Perfect Cell vs Super Android 13

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Semi Perfect Cell vs Super Android 13 


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I would have to say Semi Perfect Cell. 
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This was a good battle.

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Forgot about this one, Cell should win here. 
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No it wasn't and no need for bump. At best, Super-13 is just above #17 in power and is mostly about durability. Semi-Perfect Cell smacked down #16, who was stronger than #17 and #18. Super-13 beat down three Regular Super Saiyans. #17 could do that and pretty much did. #18 dropped Vegeta like a sack of potatoes right into Trunks who crumpled like a sheet of foil under a big fat kid. The only thing Super-13 has over #17 is durability from his larger bulk and density. Semi-Perfect Cell treated #18 like she was nothing and had already dropped Piccolo post Kami Fusion with ease in Imperfect form after absorbing tens of thousands of people (though to be fair Piccolo was exhausted). 
Still, Semi-Cell would effectively rip Super-13's arms off and beat'im to death.
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@ReiKai: You are wrong about Piccolo being Pre Kami Fusion look at when the movie plays out:!

Its between episode 147 and 148, that was when Piccolo fought Android 17 thus making this Post Kami Fusion.

EDIT: My bad, you didn't say anything about Piccolo being Pre Kami in the fight. Point still stands though as Super 13 beat Post Kami Piccolo making him stronger than 17. I'm not sure who wins this need to think about this.

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@ReiKai: Nice to see you're still posting BS.

Super 13 fought Kami Piccolo and 3 seasoned SSJ's. There is no reason to say S13 is inferior to Imperfect Cell let alone #16. He should be nearing Semi-Perfect Cell in power, but he still does lose after a good fight.

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That wasn't Kami-Piccolo. Piccolo didn't merge with Kami until after #17 and #18 appeared and kicked everyone's asses. To which Kami didn't decide to allow the merger until after witnessing Cell's rampage in Ginger Town. Super Android 13 is essentially Pre-Android Arrival.
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@ReiKai: You obivously did not read the link i posted to you because there it says that the movie happend between episode 147 and 148 and Piccolo in those episodes is already fused with Kami. In 147 Piccolo (Kami) sits in the flying car with the rest of the Z Fighters, then Goku appears with his IT and when he greets everyone he walked towards Piccolo and says Kamiccolo to him. The next episode *148 - The Monster is Coming* is the episode in witch Piccolo fights with Android 17. When Piccolo fused with Kami the episode is called *DBZ - 126 Reunion* a good 20! episodes back.

EDIT: The movie timelines suck i know, the movie in witch Metal-Cooler appears in between episode 129 and 130 making that Piccolo also Post Kami Fusion....witch doesn't make sense since Piccolo got beaten by Metal-Cooler even though Goku and Vegeta where holding there own against him. Look at the Lord Slug movie, it happend when Piccolo is fighting against Frieza in his Second Form and Goku was in his healing pod at that time....yet he fought Slug on planet earth....Fail! Movies are also full PIS the Hirudegarn/Broly movies prove that among others.

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@ReiKai: I love how you ignore peoples arguments that is so like you. It was Kami Piccolo because of the time line in the canon.

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That's because you're clearly mistaken. Even "Return of Cooler" was Pre-Android And you expect me to believe a Wiki site? Oh please. And nowhere in the movies does it actually say when they took place. Had it actually been Kami-Piccolo, he'd have given Super-13 a run for his money because Picclo by then is Stronger than a Super Saiyan. It's what had Vegeta so on edge when he realized Piccolo was stronger than him.
  Prior to Piccolo's fusion, however, he was only around as strong as a Super Saiyan from training with Goku for those three years prior to the Androids arrival. Which is what fits as that's how he's treated in the Super-13 movie.
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@ReiKai: You should read the Daizenshuu 6 the official handbook where it says where the movies takes place thats where the wiki got it from (official handbook) i will try to find an english translated Daizenshuu 6 for you (knew an site where it had everything translated) so you can look for yourself, not everything on the wiki is BS you know.

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It really won't help you. In Ep 147, Vegeta and Trunks are in the RoSaT. And we know that afterwords they have gone USSJ. Which we know isn't true for the Super-13 movie. For one, Trunks has the Saiyan armor for that. Secondly, after ROSAT Trunks' hair is longer (as it appears in Movie 8). Now, from what I figure the Timeline isn't between those two episodes, it's just when the Movie was Produced or Released. 
SA13 came out in July of 1992. Episodes 147 and 148 were released on July 8th and July 18th respectively. Super Android 13 was Released around the same time. However that doesn't mean the Timeline of the movie is between those two episodes. No evidence within the feature film supports it.
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@ReiKai: If the official handbook states that it happened between those episodes then it happened between those episodes no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Look at the movie with Lord Slug for an example: The official guide says it is between the episodes that Piccolo fought against Frieza in his Second Form, Goku at that time was in his healing pod and on Namek. Goku however fought Slug on planet Earth not Namek. You then can than repeat your argument (witch is a valid one) and say that its actualy before Piccolo fought Frieza because al the evidence points to that however, King Kai MENTIONS Frieza towards Goku saying that Slug is maybe more powerfull than Frieza and King Kai only mentioned Frieza to Goku when Goku is half way to Namek in his space ship.

We go to an different movie, Cooler Returns: Both in the official JAP/ENG dub Krillin refers Piccolo as an Super Namek while traveling to New Namek and Piccolo is only refered to as an Super Namek only when he fused with Kami, when he fused with Nail nobody called him an Super Namek ONLY when he joined with Kami and also in the very beginning of the movie it is Dende who asks Goku for help....Guardian of Earth....Dende......who became the Guardian AFTER Kami merged with Piccolo.

And i could go on and on picking the movies apart with these arguments, point is even with the goddamn official timeline guides it STILL doesn't make any sense thats how MESSED up the movies are. Like i said just look at the Cooler movie, mother ffing Dende is the Guardian of Earth witch means Kami is fused with Piccolo and if you look att he OFFICIAL statements in witch the movie takes makes you head spin even more because it says the movie starts when Piccolo just fused with Kami....witch is funny because Dende only became Guardian of the Earth when Goku came out of the RoSaT at FPSSJ witch is during the Cell games witch is 40+ episodes after Piccolo fused with Kami. FAIL!

So even if it sounds ridiculous we must go with the official handbook and the handbook states its between those episodes making that Piccolo the Super Namek.

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I have the english dub of Cooler Returns and Krillin never calls him a super namek. Not even in Slug movie. Even when Slug is called a Super Namekian. You still aren't even proving anything. You said "it happens between This and This", yet there is nothing Official being shown, and the Evidence in the movies doesn't support it.
Tree of Might, for instance. Krillin and Gohan should be heading to Namek. Piccolo, Tien and Yamcha should be dead.
yes, the movies don't make sense. They're non-canon. However, we use Timeline to discern roughly how strong the movie cast is, not between what episodes it was Released between. Piccolo doesn't show Super Namekian Status in any of the movies until Movie 8 when facing Brolly. Vegeta and Goku as Super Saiyans are indicated as stronger than Piccolo during these instances, which means he hadn't fused with Kami yet. Yes, it doesn't make sense that Dende is the Guardian and yet Piccolo is Depowered, and that Vegeta isn't USSJ in those films when he Should be by that point.
The fact is, the Movies are AU (Alternate Universe) material. Just because Dende was made Guardian doesn't mean Piccolo had fused yet Kami could'a been sickly in bed for all we know and Dende was just his chosen successor. The Fact is their power showings don't match the Time you're seeking the place them in.
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@ReiKai: You need to refresh your memory regarding the Cooler movie - go to 3.20 and hear Krillin say Super Namek.

You say * we use Timeline to discern roughly how strong the movie cast is* and that is exactly what i'm doing. When i see Dende as the Guardian of the Earth than that means Kami is fused with Piccolo its as simply as that, no point in creating what if storys like Kami still somehow being alive or laying sick on his bed and has chosen Dende as his succesor even though Kami never met Dende you do that and you can mess up the movies even further. You are right about there power not maching but if the official guide book (Daizenshuu 6) says its bewtween those episodes than its between those episodes regardless the ilogical timeline. Thats DBZ for yah there is no logic to any of the show, Hirudegarn beating the everliving crap out of Mystic Gohan/Gotenks SSJ3/Vegeta SSJ2 like nothing but was defeated by Goku SSJ3, Trunks/Vegeta not going USSJ against Bojack and his henchman, hell if you read some intervieuws with Akira you will notice that he constantly switched with the plot and the characters:

1 time he said Goku was the best, then it was Gohan and wanted Gohan to take over the role, then switches again because he didn't feel Gohan could take over and made Goku the hero but says Gohan in the strongest, then he says Goku is the purest strongest fighter or something in those lines even though we know that Gohan would rip Goku's head off.

I don't like it but if the official handbook says its bewtween those timelines than thats that, i made a tread on the Vice in the Dragonball forums explaning that the powerlevels of Broly/Cooler/Gogeta are full of shit but...they are the official powerlevels posted by V-Jump so they are legit no matter how stupid they are or what i say.

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Cell owns, perhaps Incomplete cell would make a good battle?

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