Satan Mushrambo vs Seiya(sanctuary)

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Who wins this?


Satan Mushrambo can not go back in time to kill baby seiya, more can use the time travel to escape the attacks of saint seiya.

can not stop time.

Satan Mushrambo: allowed to create a hole in the fabric of time and space to absorb attacks seiya, and send it to another timeline or send him back to seiya.

Can use to change the location of the battle that seiya and he will fight.

can use other techniques

Seiya also can use all techniques

To make a fair fight, the 2 fight at the same speed, both can cause them serious harm, a on, other.
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@valfranx: Seiya stomps. IIRC Satan Mushrambo is only Hypersonic, by this time Seiya is FTL.

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If you break the rules, then Satan Mushrambo, wins this, he can stop time.

can send to seiya another timeline.

Satan Mushrambo can travel to the past and kill seiya, as seiya wins this?

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Then what is the point in your restrictions? Why put them if you want Satan Mushrambo to win? Seiya has the 7th sense and all his powers are at Gold Saint level and Satan Mushrambo is only a city buster. Even with speed equalized Seiya has greater durability thanks to his upgraded cloth. Seiya can use the Sui Sei Ken which hits with the force of a comet.

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@SpeedForceSpider: the restrictions, are for balance the struggles.


Both do not use their maximum power, both will cause the same damage, in both.

Okay, now both have the same chance of winning.

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Satan looks more badass.

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Seiya curbstomps the shit out of him.... Even if they can cause the same damage Seiya simply can speed blitz him with FTL speed (He maneuvered Lightning Plasma which is basically a billion punches per second moving faster than the speed of light) along with tagged one of the fastest Gold Saints and Gods. 
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