Sasuke vs Neji

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Pre time skip Saasuke vs Current Neji

Fight is in the forest of death

Battle to K.O. or death.

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We haven't really seen much of what current Neji can do but seeing as how he's a jounin now and likely a high level one at that, personally I'd give it to Neji.

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Im leaning to Neji, but it hasnt done anything impressive yet.

Currently Im ranking Hinata > Neji which is shocking.

Hinata has better Eyes and the Lion fists.

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Probably Neji but not certainly. Maybe well see more of him in the shinobi alliance no jutsu.
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sasuke still wins. i dont think current neji can take 1 tailed cloack naruto

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Neji. Sasuke at this point is still very cocky. He'll rush in like he always has confident in his taijutsu and get owned, not knowing that it's not a good idea.

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I'm leaning towards Sasuke.

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Neji wins here. Maybe pretty easily too.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Possibly but i wouldn't say easily.

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Lol. What? If he can catch him? Sorry, but no one in Naruto has dodge 64 Palms. Sasuke sure as hell isn't doing it. Durability means nothing against Jyuuken pretty much. Even if this was Genin, Neji I'd still give it to Neji. At this point of the series Sasuke is extremely cocky, and if you look in the manga mostly what Sasuke does is charge in head first against his opponents.

Sasuke's done it against nearly everyone he's met and got his ass whipped. Haku, Rock Lee, Raikage, Gaara, Danzo, Killer Bee. Just pretty much against anyone he's fought. Also, Gentle fist is the fastest multiple strike style in Naruto. Sasuke's not winning this at all. His body isn't going to allow him to dodge that at all. Now if this was Current Sasuke bet he'd win. But Pre-Time Skip. No not at all.

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@WhiteLion said:


Lol. What? If he can catch him? Sorry, but no one in Naruto has dodge 64 Palms. Sasuke sure as hell isn't doing it. Durability means nothing against Jyuuken pretty much. Even if this was Genin, Neji I'd still give it to Neji. At this point of the series Sasuke is extremely cocky, and if you look in the manga mostly what Sasuke does is charge in head first against his opponents.

So? Just because it's really fast doesn't mean Sasuke can't dodge it.

1. Neji has never fought an Uchiha before or anyone with a good amount of speed for that matter.

2. The full Sharingan allows it's user to see even the smallest movement in their opponents and almost see what they are going to so next. I see no real reason why Sasuke couldn't avoid it. He was able to keep up with Naruto perfectly with the 9 tails chakra in him who was moving hella fast.

3. If we are talking about habits, Neji isn't going to use trigrams right away, he will try to fight Sasuke h2h which won't do much because of Sharingan.

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Actually it does. He had his Sharingan and got blasted by Rock Lee in his Chin. He's using the same Taijutsu and speed that Rock Lee has had on a lesser scale. Against Neji. The Guy Rock Lee hasn't beat, and the same guy Neji has beaten.

1. Sasuke has never fought Neji, or watched him fight. As Neji has seen Sasuke fight. And anyone with good amount of speed? You're wrong mate. Rock Lee is the fastest moving genin at this time in the show. Even with his weights off he's never beaten Neji. How is Sasuke going to do it on an inferior Level, with Inferior Taijutsu?

2. I know what the full Sharingan allows, but it doesn't always help. Need Proof? Killer Bee, Raikage, Itachi, Naruto. Again Rock Lee said it. Just because you can see it coming doesn't mean you can move your body can keep up. You're trying to say that Sasuke is going to dodge 64 Palms? When no one else in the Series has dodged this? Hell not even Kisame was able dodge it and Neji wrecked all three of his clones with 64 Palms.

3. I don't get why you're talking as, If Sasuke is some type of Taijutsu prodigy. He's not. And if we are talking about Habits. Sasuke is so damn cocky, he will try to use hand to hand combat anyway without the Sharingan, Like he did against Naruto, and Lee. There are plenty of battles where Sasuke didn't even activate his Sharingan because he is so confident in his abilites. To be honest Neji doesn't even have to use 64 palms to beat up a genin lvl Sasuke. Jyuuken messes up the chakra system. No Chakra, No Sharingan.

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@WhiteLion: Rock Lee was a match for Sasuke in the very beginning. Why? Because he was far less experienced, and he had only unlocked the the first level of sharingan. That means nothing.

1. When Lee and Neji were sparring as kids, Lee was not nearly as fast or strong as his later incarnations. And Lee and Neji haven't fought on screen since, or at least without his weights. The only time he has taken them off is to fight Gaara. Never again. And Sasuke's taijutsu is on a high level. He was able to hang with Kakashi h2h in the very beginning (easy going or not), bust up a horde of Naruto's clones (however much that may mean) with little effort, and much many more things that were supposed to be beyond his level.

2. Killer B, Raikage, and Itachi were all way above his level in terms of speed and power. And if you notice, Neji has only used it on people who were relatively low level except for the clones who has literally no idea it was coming. Plus to use the 8 trigrams, you must get your opponent in a position where they are open to attack. This is gonna be difficult with a guy on Sasuke's level. Plus, in curse mark mode, he can fly.

3. We are not talking about Vegeta. He is not cocky if he is fighting an opponent who he knows is strong. If he is going into a life and death battle with an opponent he knows is tough he will activate it. When battling Naruto for the last time, he was using his Sharingan the whole time once Naruto began using the 9 tails and Sasuke could tell that Naruto was not below him anymore. And you make it sound like it takes time to activate sharingan. One second and it is active.

This Sasuke is at least Chunin level. And finally, Neji's regular Jyuken strikes are definitely dodgeable as they are regular speed.

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Sorry I took so long to reply. I just got off work. Here we go.

1. I'm not talking about Rock Lee beating Sasuke. I'm saying that what Rock Lee said is relevant. Just because you can see it coming doesn't mean your body is fast enough to react to it. They have shown this multiple times with the Sharingan. They see it but can't avoid it or stop it. Yet you're claming Pre-Time Skip Sasuke is able to hang with Jounin Neji in Taijutsu. Everyone in the leaf admits that Jyuuken is superior to Gouken. Sasuke is good at Taijutsu, but he's not beating Neji. Neji's is. As for the Lee versus Neji (Referting to the speed) Neji saw Lee's Speed when he took off the weights, and when he went into his first two stages of gates. Neji wasn't shocked at all as the very trump card of Lee's was to get up to the 5th gate in order to beat Neji. So, again Sasuke with Lee's Speed, and Taijutsu on a lesser scale isn't going to cut it bro. No matter how you slice it.

2. That's very very unture mate. Kidomaru was not reavlily low. He has highly intelligent, and all of the sound 5 are considered chunin lvl as they are also Orochimaru's body guards. He was not low lvl. Kisame and his clones aren't low level, and yes admittedly they were caught of guard when he broke out of the water prision jutsu. But again Jyuuken is the fastest taijutsu style in Naruto. With Multiple strikes, Sasuke's not doding that. Three Kisame clones weren't able to react to it after they knew he was out of the water prison jutsu should be evident to how fast Gentle Fist actually is. Jounin Neji hit all three of them. This is Jounin Neji attacking one target. At the time Sasuke's arsenal in jutsu wasn't very diverse and he relied heavily on tai jutsu, other than his few other techs that aren't going to get the job done. As for Killer Bee and Itachi being Far above his speed I wouldn't say that in terms of speed department. Strength Yes. Sasuke can't go CS2 if he has no chakra, and can't use his Sharingan if he has no chakra. Even if he did fly (which I honestly don't think would happen) it wouldn't do him any good all he could possibly do is use his Katon jutsu.

3. I didn't say anything about Vegeta. But no Sasuke is Cocky. He is irrational and often charges in Head First.

He knew that Killer Bee was the Hachibani. The second most powerful Bijuu in Naruto. What did he do? Rushed in head first and attacked him, and got jacked up even with Jugo, and Suigetsu watching his back.

He knew that he was fighting the Raikage, what did he do? Rushed in, and got jacked up again.

Saw his brother Itachi for the first time since he killed his clan. What did he do? Rushed in and used Chidori, and got his arm broken.

After he gets his arm broken Sasuke looks into his brother's eyes despite knowing what will, and has happened to him. He looks into them anyway.

Sasuke vs Gaara of the Sand in the forrest. He knows he has one last shot with Chidori. What does Sasuke aim for on Gaara? An arm made out of Sand.

Sasuke sees a member of the Akatsuki Deidara. Despite knowing he's an Akatsuki he rushes in head first again.

Kind of in Sasuke's character to be cocky, and irrational most of the time.

I have alot of knowledge on Naruto Manga. I know how fast the activation is and ect. I never said it takes the Sharingan minutes and such to activate it. What I said is that SAsuke is cocky at this point in the series and doesn't use his Sharingan right off the bat. Like he's done against, Haku, Naruto, Yoroi, Orochimaru, and Gaara in the series. That's what he does. He is fighting the most gifted Hyuuga, and strongest style of Taijutsu in Konoha. Sasuke's not going to beat Neji in hand to hand combat. He's not going to dodge every single strike, and let's say if he does dodge a few there is still no way he's dodging 64 palms.

Lastly. I think you're assuming I'm calling Sasuke trash, which i'm not, but genin Sasuke isn't beating Jounin Neji. If this were Hebi Sasuke, or Taka Sasuke I wouldn't even be debating this.

Also just to let you know No Jyuuken attacks aren't regular speed. It's the fastest Taijutsu style. The only techniuqe I've seen which is faster at mutliple hits is Aja Kajura and you have to be in 6th Gate to use that. I don't really feel like posting links to the manga show you how fast Jyuuken is, but I will. If you want them. If you do just tell me and I'll edit this post adding the links for both manga and anime to show you. I'm still new so I can only post 5 post a day.

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@WhiteLion: I know that being able to see it doesn't equal reacting to it but I believe Sasuke has a very good chance of at least Keeping up with Neji. In order to use the 8 trigrams, the opponent has to be in a position where they are open to attack. But I think that a combination of Sasukes fighting and overcharged justu can keep Neji at bay.

Comparatively, the sound 4 were pretty weak. You have to admit it. 2 got beat by lone genin. And even though Kankuro and Temari are higher level, if they were such powerful ninja, the other 2 should have been able to handle them. IMO, Kidomaru was on the weaker side. All he did the whole fight was spam spiders and arrows from a distance. The second Neji got close and he didn't have his weird armor, Kidomaru got murdered. And I said everyone but the clones were low level.

Now Sasuke is hot headed. But and does charge head first. But when the person is leagues above him, it doesn't matter if if he rushes in or takes his time, he is destined to lose. However, he is also quite tactical with ninja tools. When fighting Orochimaru in the forest of death, he made a wire trap to ensnare Oro and lite him up. However, Oro was going easy, don't mistake me there. So rush in or not, he is able to at least try to fight smart with someone over his head.

I never said he was going to dodge every single strike. That would have been stupid of me to say. I meant that he would be able to keep himself away from Neji's striking range. I should have been more clear on that. And aside from the 8 trigrams, the regular hits of gentle fist are relatively normal speed. They may be the fastest style but they are not meant to speed blitz like trigrams are. They are for trying to shut down the body one hit at a time. If this was not the case, then every hit Neji has ever thrown at anyone would have landed.

I am not assuming anything. I am providing my point of view.

All in all, I'm admitting that Neji has a good chance of winning depending on how Sasuke decides to play it. If he rushes in head first like you said, then he would most likely get caught in the 8 trigrams. But chances are Sasuke has seen or at least heard of what the Hyuga and Neji can do so I doubt he would try to beat Neji with pure h2h. If he plays smart and keeps himself guarded he can pull a win via jutsu.

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Man. I'm really kinda tired right now. But I'll see what I can do in response.

First bro. I don't think I can agree as a whole that the sound 4 were weak. Neji was the best suited for Kidomaru. No one else on that team would have beaten Kidomaru. As Kidomaru basically owned the whole damn team. Did he stay back setup traps and stuff? Yes, and it was working very well for him. None of the genin in Konoha would have beaten him. The only other genin who could have beaten him in the show was Gaara. The only one I can really say was weak was indeed Jiboro.

Alright, I can agree with you majority wise on the speed, but there are instances where Hyuuga have thrown a volley of strikes without out using Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms. Hitting Kidomaru in mid air, Neji vs Neji Clone. Even thus though I'm pretty sure Jounin Neji could tag Sasuke before Sasuke tagged him. In all honestly I don't think it would take multipe hits to down Genin Sasuke anyway. A solid palm strike would kill him do to the style. Yes, Sasuke does have flashes of geninus, and is capable at time to use his brain, but he doesn't. He is irrational way more often and reckless calm collected and cautious

As for Sasuke knowing about Neji's style I am pretty sure he doesn't. The clan is very secretive. Sasuke has never seen Neji fight. Was absent from both of his Chunin Exam fights, and Rock Lee and Might Guy had to explain what the Byakugan, and Gentle fist were to Naruto & Co. Sasuke himself was a loner. He was more concerned with killing Itachi, than anything. There is a difference of hearing of someone or something, and actually knowing. Sasuke is a genin, going up against a Jounin Taijutsu Specalist, whose faster, and more well verse in combat whose more tactical. Sasuke is good but simply put he's not beating Jounin Neji with his limited amount of Ninjutsu, and lesser style of Taijutsu.


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C2 Sasuke wins easily.

I say even C1 EOS Sasuke could win, Sasuke just have to put some distance between Neji.

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sasuke owned cloak 1 naruto, cloak 1 naruto is above jounin level ( personally i think cloak 1 naruto > Ichibii )

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