sasuke vs deadpool

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@Killer_of_trolls: it was stated by kishimoto himself in the databook it burns for 7 days and 7 nights plus they don't shoot that much fire out of there mouth anyway plus there shooting it across the surface not shooting it down at the surface just dbz vegeta shot his final flash he wasn't shooting at at the earth he was shooting it across the earth(he could destroy the withwith a simple ki blast) and it went through atmosphere into deep sapce and the earth's core and the sun has almost the same temperatures. look at the lava that comes from the earth's core and when it hits the land it barely destoys hit or melt it and look it gets cool after months and it's liquid so if it was gas it would be less for it to cool off and evaporate. how did the raikage survive it that's how strong and durable he is plus we don't know how many volts of the lighting aura he had around his body and plus lighting contains 1 billion volts which is 5 times hotter than the sun's surface plus it's faster for the gas to cool than the liquid so my theory is proven

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@xlab3000: Thanks for the physics lesson.

However Author(referring to writer, NOT narrator) statements in literature, outside of the work itself, are irrelevant. Read ROLAND BARTHES' THE DEATH OF THE AUTHOR for further explanation Please refrain from using handbooks, data books, conference quotes and other similar sources aS evidence. It doesn't work in professional writing, nor in battle forums.

If you are too lazy to read it then I'll summarize it in bad vague way:" If something is not mention/showed inside the work in any form(written or drawn) then it does not count as a part of it." Although if you wanna understand it better I suggest you read the article.

Also, comparing DBZ with Naruto is NOT helpful due to the enormous power difference.(Although I do realize and completely understand what you were trying to point out).

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I didn't know that

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