Sasuke Uchiha and Orochimaru VS Killer Bee and Raikage

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@5th: Very simple.

Why? Because his kinjutsu doesn't need handsigns to activate him. If he gets speed blitzed his living corps reanimation jutsu will still happen. Even if he gets hit his oral rebirth will still happen.

A isn't doing anything to Sasuke. He has the full Susaano, not an incomplte imperfect one. Also do you even know how the Oral rebirth works? He can sped blitz him all he want's wouldn't matter.

KB isn't squishing Sasuke in Susaano, come on now. The only way he would really even beat him is because of Samehada.. If Orochimaru is stepped on Living Corspe Reanimation. There you go. I'm well informed on Naruto cause that's really one of my fave things to debate.

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@WhiteLion: Have you even read the fight? The minute Naruto went Kn4, he was shredding up Oro, with ease. He was blitzing, and smacking the shit outta him, hence why he had to use Oral Rebirth several times during the fight. So he was provoking Naruto, what does that matter? He was provoking him because he knew he could get away, he was still getting his ass beat worse than Silver Surfer VS. Thanos. lol
I didn't ignore him being sick; it wasn't relevant enough to address. Healthy Oro isn't as far above sick Oro as you're somehow implying.
Cut the wank, Oro is never surviving a mountain-level attack. He gets one-shotted, the manga's supporting this.
@WhiteLion said:

Secondly you're teling m if he took the fight serious to begin with instead of toying with him while he was KT3 he wouldn't have won while he was sick? Bull bro.

Yeah, pretty much. Oro couldn't have won, the portrayal is as clear as white on snow. :/
He obviously wasn't toying with him, knowing he could be killed in a single attack.
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It's relevant enough, because it hinders ones preformance. A weakened body isn't the same as a healthy one. That's my point. Orochimaru with his arms sealed unable to use any jutsu was durable enough to tank hits from Tsunade. You keep saying he's getting one shotted and ect when he isn't. There is no wank. You ignored two things I've already said. His attack prevention jutsu which allows to merge with anything to avoid damage, and his living corpse reincarnation jutsu. Yet you still think I'm wanking? Quit ignoring those. Also if you still want to debate this His Eight Branches Jutsu is large enough to take that hit. Then you have these Snake Summons which are large as well, and you have Manda. So again he's not going to be one shotted.

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bump because i want everyone that said team bee and raikage win to back down from their words awwwww yeaaaaa

good luck defeating the 4 hokages in edo tensei guys

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@othus12: He might not need the hokages now that he got Senju cells.

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@nishi99: its overkill IMO

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Well nice battle! I give it too Killer bee and Raikage unless sasuke, get's something like Perfect Susanoo.

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Well he'll need a bit of prep for that but regardless my mind has been altered since this was made. With or without Edo tensei, Orochimaru has Senju DNA now and his hands back. That could be a notable factor alone. But with Edo tensei, or course Hashirama and maybe even Tobirama would solo. Although, there's no guarantee Hashirama would go along with it since he can free himself from Edo tensei like Madara. But the remaining 3 kage are more than enough.
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How do I give like a rep or Kudo? I'd like to give you one, but don't know how. Every thread I've seen you in you're pretty much right on the damn dot. Good stuff bro keep it up.

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Oro solos, he summons 4 hokages

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@taichokage: Well hashirama did not free himself from the restraint in the fight against third hokage, so all oro needs to do is to halve 1st's power

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