Sanji vs Grimmjow

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@Chef_Banchou said:

And Grimmjow's fighting style is absolutely nothing like Rob Lucci's.


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@Kurohige: I think he is referring from the dupe thread were someone mentioned something about Grimmjow having a fighting style similar to Rob Lucci.

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@Kurohige: in the dupe thread, Kade said that Grimmjow's fighting style is similar to Rob Lucci, and that Sanji would beat him based on that. :/

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Sanji by hype. Grimmjow by feats.

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Grimmjow wins in a good fight

People gotta realied Sanji doesn't have good feats unlike Luffy or Zoro. Zoro cut down the metal door in punk hazard with ease while Sanji couldn't even dent it much

Multiple cero and Sanji will be in trouble

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@joseph619: Well, to be fair, if you kicked an apple tree, you would probably break your foot, but if you took a Katana to it, you would do more damage than your kick anyway. I would expect slicing damage to be more potent than blunt force, especially in Zoro's case

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Lucci vs Grimmjow was a classic debate. This clown taking on CURRENT Sanji doesn't seem legit imo.
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