Sanji vs Grimmjow

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At first I thought Grimmjow but when I think about it, its a closer battle than that.


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Grimmjow will still most likely defeat Sanji.

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Grimmjow would win but barely. People who thinks grimm stomps obviously have never read One Piece. Sanji is fast and strong but the range attacks on Grimm are just too dam epic.

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I say Grimmjow.

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Yep, Grimmjow wins.

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@Jinbeifan1 said:

@SMXLR8: i dont see why its lame but ok lol

Sanji can't fly he uses geppo, which just accelerates him in the air, he essentially is still running on in the air giving him higher jumps than normal. Completely different.

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@YouFinished said:

Grimmjow's only edge is ranged attacks which is null since Grimmjow is not one to keep distance in the first place. He's going to need to start released to pose a threat as well. Even then, Sanji is going to dominate when it comes to close quarters due to all around better speed, destructive capacity, and durability. And I doubt Grimm is tanking a multi-city block+ kick which could be far more devastating than a AoE attack of similar dc (like getsuga tensha), given it's concentrated in a much smaller area (his shin). Grimm could survive one but not tank one, not to mention the additional intense heat from diable jambe.

Grimmjow has shown multiple times that when an opponent is sweating him he will go ranged(Ulquiorra, Shinji, Ichigo 2nd and 3rd times) In fact he has only had 1 fight where he didn't really use any ranged attacks and that was his first confrontation with Ichigo. If Sanji really makes Grimmjow he will have to deal with a endless array of ranged attacks. Not to mention BFR isn't restricted so even in the instance Grimmjow doesn't win, he could use Caja Negacion to BFR Sanji.

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@solesamurai: Irrelevant. If Sanji kicks him it's over. Grimm won't have the chance to get range especially if he is starting in base and Sanji having the advantage in speed, pseudo-flight, and precog eliminates all hope for Grimm to get distance, let alone keep it for a significant amount of time and  that's if he even gets the chance of course. And CN has only shown to work on hollows, well arrancar to be precise.  
Also I made a mistake in my last post. Sanji is not multi city block level since a punch from Luffy in base is 70KT (town level+) Sanji should be about the same. So yeah, Grimm is not getting up from a serious kick. Thriller Bark-Sanji would of been a far more even match. 
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You can't possibly calc Sanji like that. He is not Luffy, he is not as strong as Luffy and he has never showed destruction anywhere near multi city block level let alone higher. There is a difference between destruction and raw power. His kicks have quite a wallop behind them but that doesn't mean he is very destructive. I would say that either way his kicks will harm Grimmjow, but one shot him? No. Base Grimmjow blocked vizard Ichigo's getsuga with his arm. Release Grimmjow also has desgarron which gives him 10, 1 kilometer long claws. His melee range is potentially enormous. He is more durable than Sanji also as he has hierro, and he has multiple ranged attacks from cero, gran ray cero, bala and his explosive darts. He even has Caja negacion which can BFR Sanji and although he never used it in such a manner, the garganta for similar purposes or to teleport if necessary, but his own speed should be enough.
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@taichokage: You really want to argue that Sanji is not on the same level as base Luffy? Sanji was able to match the power and deflect a flying stretching bazooka from Oars  way back in Thriller Bark, given  a casual pistol from Oars was city block+ before he got the ability to stretch, that's multi city block easily. He also took a gatling from Oars and was able to fight shortly afterwords.  Powerscaling off Hodi Sanji should be  well in to town level+ durability as well since he's stronger then the Fishmen. And Ichigo's getsuga was only multi-city block at the time, Grimmjow tanking one isn't going to help him here and like I said before tanking an aoe attack is far different than tanking a concentrated one like a kick.  And again CN hasn't shown to work on humans nor was it stated it could and garganta is something not used in mid battle. Not to mention the highest speed calced for Bleach is mach 22+  while OP sits on mach 47+, Grimm isn't keeping up.
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I don't know who made these calcs but I disagree with most of them, most notably the speed part. Sanji especially has not shown any solid dashing feats like Luffy and Zoro or Grimmjow for that matter. He has countered those with great speed, showing great reactions, but he himself rarely if ever moved at such speeds.
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I agree Sanji doesn't really dash like Luffy or Zoro, but both of the calcs are for combat speed not dashing or long distance movement, meaning he can attack and react at those speeds.  And you say you disagree with most of them, which one do you agree with?
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Well indisputably he tanked Oar's attack and he also countered his blow, which admittedly is very impressive and really reminded me how he is a threat to Grimmjow. I dont think it's one sided whoever wins
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Grimmjow, but not easy.

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Bump, to repeat what I said before in the last thread.

@ALMIGHTY: @Captivated: @luthluth: @DXC: @HungryWorld: @Zerrathe:

Not saying this changes the tide of battle or anything but I people seem to like to bring up Sanji breaking his leg on Vergo and doing minimal damage to him, but also forget that:

1. Sanji did not use anything except his most basic attack (No Hell Memories, spectre, hachi hash ect.) In addition, Sanji never used his haki in that fight, I mean even Vergo used Armament haki for his attack at the end.

2. The reason Sanji was doing little damage and got his leg snapped was because Nami had already messed up his body from the previous body swap done by Law. (Similar to how he fought Jabura back in CP9 after getting seriously hurt by Kalifa)

That fight was not a good way to determine superiority between the two. Both fighters did not use all their arsenal, Sanji was already injured previously, Vergo retreated first.

Besides not long after Sanji charges at Doflamingo and lands a kick as well and Doflamingo is>>>>>>>Vergo, granted if not for Law Sanji would be dead, however he didn't break his leg in half on someone like Doflamingo and even he has to get defensive once Saji used hell specre.

Buuuuuuut, Sanji still loses this for now low-mid diff.

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And Grimmjow's fighting style is absolutely nothing like Rob Lucci's.

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