Saito Hiraga Vs. Shana

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Shana from Shakugan no Shana


Saito Hiraga from Zero no Tsukaima

Equipment: What they have on them.

Setting: Grassland.

Abilities: All of them that pertain to their equipment and their being.

Knowledge: Nothing, but they are fighting :D.

Who Is Going To Win? o.O

Im personally would go for Saito just because he seems alot more adept with his sword, and he can take alot more damage. (Oh and he took on an army of like 7 million or sumtin like that.)

Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@ClaudXP: Shana has a city-busting fire attack and can pretty much stop time. Not to mention that she has a good supersonic feat while Saito is stuck at faster than the eye levels. 
Shana stomps with comical ease.
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@paladin: Haha, that goes to show I spoke without thinking! XD

Ya the time ability alone who get him screwed over. =\

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Yeah, Saito can't move inside her spell (Fuzetu, I believe it's called.)

Even though he would lose due to her wider range of ailities, I still think he's the better swordsman of the two.

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