saint seiya gold saints vs the heralds of galactus

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Heralds Win.  
Annihilation silver surfer, The fallen one, tyrant can all solo
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ok then i will change it a little god cloth and  sailor moon at full power vs  silver surfer        
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The gold saints can beat the heralds, I dont think the can escape the dimensional warp attack of Saga or the Tenbu Hourin of Shaka, all the saints (except Death Mask, Aprhodite and Milo) are more than a match for the heralds....... 
They attack at light speed, the attacks they throw destroy matter in atomic level and the Cloths protect them from exactly that types of attacks and from temperatures almost as hot as the sun and as cold as space..... 
The heralds are 4 or 5 more or less.... 
The gold Saints are 12 with the powers I said as base.... 
They also can throw an Atena Exclamation (Strong as a Big Bang in miniature) and they are trained in close combat... 
If you put the Kamei Armor in play is an Divine Epic Curbstomp...
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the heralds wins , silversurfer is more fast than teleporters
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