Sage Naruto vs. Shiki (Black Cat)

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      Shiki (Manga version)            vs.           Sage Naruto



  • Naruto enters the fight in Sage mode, Shiki with his / her (probably his) mask off
  • Naruto gets 1 clone at toad mountain, Shiki is allowed to summon Setsuki anytime and can switch his forms anytime
  • No Kyuubi or Bunta-summoning, Shiki can't control Narutos body and mind with bugs
  • Both are not aware of the enemys skills
  • No prep time
The courtyard of Creed's Castle
The greatest Taoist vs. Konohas Hero - GO!
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I guess I don’t need to explain Narutos skills, but let me tell you something about Shiki. Anime Shiki is male, but the manga never revealed Shikis gender. Lets just think of him as male.

Shiki is a Tao-Fighter and the only member of Creed’s apostles who not only mastered his  immense amount of Tao perfectly, but also is able to awaken the Tao in other people.

He wears a mask in order to decrease the amount of Tao (kind of like Kenpachis eye patch), as soon as the mask is off his Tao is released in its full power. 



  Shiki has two main types for his attacks:

Bug-Summon :

Yeah, sounds pretty lame if you think about Shino from Naruto, but Shiki is plays in a totally different league.

He can summon the following bugs made out of  Tao:

  • Bugs that can control other peoples body and mind for 15 minutes (see rules)
  • Spy-Bugs (even though he needs his crystal ball for this)
  • Giant Vehicle Bug: He can fly on them, and they are fast enough to slash your skull withtheir horn. They can’t be hurt by normal weapons. They can be summoned in every size.
  • Setsuki: The perfect insect. It can only be summoned when the mask is off. Think of him like a small version of Cell. Setsuki possesses immense speed, strength, accuracy and  can act independent in a fight. Shiki can change him from “Really fast & strong” to “Fast & really strong” anytime. Setsuki  can emit a wave of amplified accelerated high-pitched sound that acts like a laser, cutting through anything . Normal weapons won’t hurt him, Train needed a Railgun to kill him. But even if he is killed, Shiki can always revive him with full power thanks to his ridiculous high amount of Tao . Even if Setsuki would loose to Cell, you have to remember he is only a aid / bodyguard for Shiki.

Ink seal:

Shiki posesses a infinite amount of Tao-soaked seals.

  • He can throw explosive seals
  • He can use 5 seals at once to create a pentagram which shoots a giant fire-pillar. He needs a few seconds prep-time for this attack.
  • He can create a barrier (normal weapons can’t harm him through it, but Trains Railgun would have went through it if he had hit)
  • He can create a blade out of the seals – and he can set it afire. The blade can shoot huge fireballs and can create a giant controllable fire-dragon.
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taoist fighter in fiction are generally strong, i say naruto wins but ill admit i do not know alot about his opponent here..
For sage mode i can say that it drastically increases strength (possibly 100 ton), speed, unlimited stamina, allows him to create multiple and throw the futon rasenshuriken.
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