Saber vs Goku

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@Dream: And that's if we isolate FSN/FZ from the Nasuverse, if we look at it as a part of the Nasuverse they have characters that can give DBZ guys a run for their money.

@supernova7005: We've been over this many times, get your MvC logic on the HST out of here, no one's buying MHS HST characters or country level Ichigo (lol). Most Servants have superior stats when simple calcs are concerned.

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@VoidShiki: What?

No one in Fate (or Nasuverse for that matter) has the stats to compete with characters from DBZ, even with their hax. Far too much speed, destructive potential and durability for any character to compete with.

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@Dream said:

SSJG goku >>>>>>>>>>>>> nappa > FSN/FZ ≥ HST

Fixed it.

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@Dream: Akasha...

Or if you want something more down to Earth, Kanata from DDD, she has survived inside a star, regenerated from nothing, has reactive evolution, has outspeeded the spinning of the galaxy and has destroyed multiple planets with a casual kick.

Pretty sure she can compete with anything DBZ has just fine.

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@Dream: Fate/Extra top tiers are FTL though, I think Whis, Bills and SSG Goku are around that level too, but I'm pretty sure the former are faster considering they traveled 400+ light years distance within few minutes. Kanata from DDD comes close too. BB's Potnia Theron Skill (which is the authority of the Earth itself), gives her the ability to distort time by interfering with gravity fields, rewrite cause and effect and write over information of fields such as luck and coincidence. Then you got Kiara who is stronger than BB. All Types including Archetype Earth (being living planets) should be at least on par or above BB by powerscaling.

DBZ characters might have the power advantage for now but they don't have defenses against this kind of reality warping as far as I know.

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Goku rips Saber in half.
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All Saber can do is stall with Avalon. If you believe the novel version of Saber which is supposedly light speed, maybe she's faster than Goku although Goku is arguably lightspeed or beyond in SSG mode, so even the most wanked version of Saber might not even have that advantage on Goku. I don't think Excalibur really can hurt Goku unless you wanna argue its purely magical, and Saiyans having no real magic resistance.

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Fate/extra CC Saber might have a shot, but I haven't looked into it at all besides the MFTL return from being BFR from Moon Cell.

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Considering the significant difference in attributes between Saber and Goku, this thread is pointless to keep open.


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