Saber vs Berserker (Read OP)

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This is gonna be a re-enactment of the final battle between Saber and Lancelot from Fate/ Zero, with a few things changed. Saber won't be hesitant at killing her fellow Knight of the Round Table (while still being in character for regular battle tactics) and Lancelot starts off in fresh fighting condition with his Master fully healthy and with Arondight drawn. That being said, will this battle be any different in its outcome with these changed battle conditions?

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The battle is very close, but Arthuria was still considered the best warrior of it's time, so ignoring a guilty ridden conscience I think the battle should still tip in Saber favor.

The greatest problem here is that Arondight is a sword that is the bane of Saber, thanks to it's anti Dragon Status.

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Excalibur still takes it.

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