Ryuken Ishida Vs Sora & Riku

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Sora and Riku from KH2.
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Before I comment, I'd like to remind vertigo not to go on a bashing spree with me. I'm willing to debate since I can gather facts, just not if I'm gonna be bashed just because I'm not as familiar with the content of Bleach as he/ she appears to be.

I'm gonna have to give it to Riku and Sora. Sora and Riku have battled Organization XIII members capable of immense speed and some capable of manipulation of time and space which show that they're not to be taken lightly in battle. Both Sora and Riku also have some potent offensive and defensive abilities and spells. In the case of Riku, he can manipulate dark energies and turn into the form of Xehanort's Heartless to further enhance his abilities. Riku can defend with a barrier called Dark Shield and can fire bolts of dark energy from a distance called Dark Aura. With his dark energies, Riku can also open up gateways to other worlds. He can also use his dark energies to enhance strikes with his weapon.

Sora makes use of light energies to enhance his strikes with the Keyblade and can even use this power to generate bursts of light. And if he somehow loses the weapon, the Keyblade appears back in Sora's hands since he is the chosen wielder. He can also fly, teleport, cut through buildings with the Keyblade, go toe-to-toe against uber-powerful swordsman Sephiroth, enhance his offensive abilities further by Driving into Limit Form, and has magic that could cause enough problems for his opponents. He could temporarily freeze time with Stopga, crush a target under an immense sphere of gravitational pull known as Graviga, pull enemies into a magnetic orb with Magnega, or absorb damage from an attack and reflect it back at the enemy with Reflega. He can even team with Riku for a powerful combined attack of dark and light energies called Eternal Session.

One problem I'm seeing with Ryuken from what I am reading on him is that while he is a master Quincy, he lacks the enhanced strength and endurance that the Shinigami have. This would be a major problem with opponents who aren't exactly pushovers and Sora and Riku fit that bill quite well. The two friends work quite efficiently as a team and it would be quite a chore for Ryuken to try dispatching both fighters at once. There's also Sora's potent Magic to consider. Considering Ryuken's experience, he wouldn't seem the type to walk into an attack so easily and Sora would very well have a tough time trying to connect with any of his spells with Ryuken's speed. But with Riku around, Ryuken has two powerful opponents to keep an eye on. I won't argue about exhaustion being a problem for Ryuken since he seems to have large reserves of spiritual energy and is in good physical condition, so the guy could fight a dragged-out battle. But to me, Sora and Riku appear to have the power, techniques, and teamwork to overwhelm Ryuken.
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Seeing as i have next to no knowledge of this man, other then the fact that he is considered equal to the eyes of Urahara and Ichigo's dad, i'm going to compare Ryuken's son.

Ishida compensates his lack of physical strength for insane speed, long distance archer and various traps and techniques. Otherwise he would have been nothing but a canon fodder to the espadas and Death Gods.

He could anticipate even espadas physical strength and speed and win almost any fight with his tactical mind. And with his instantaneous speed, which works like Death God version of shumpo, he can easily cut off Riku's and Sora's head before they could even react.

And his sword, which is also an arrow could be used both ways. When the blade spins in a high speed vibrations of 3 million round trips per second around the edge of the spirit partical blade, it's like a chainsaw light saber.

Also, he could shoot a 1,200 consecutively. Meaning, Riku and Sora, while noting compared to Ishida in terms of speed, would have incredible time dodging this. And what's even worse is that it ricochet individual shots against the walls or floors to shoot around corners, making the direction of the shots unpredictable, and to change the direction of his shots while in flight. Yes, he can fly lol...well, not really. More like walk in air like all high level Death Gods and Espadas and Vizards....

Limit breaks, magic, magical items and summons and Drives etc.. while extreamly versatile and very wide ranged in attack and abilities, Ishida could easily by pass them.

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While I agree speed would be the major advantage of Ishida, some of the Quincy techniques appear quite similar to the abilities of Organization XIII member Xigbar. Xigbar makes use of two gun-like weapons which he is capable of rapd fire with and using his power of manipulating Space to change the trajectories of his shots and open up wormholes to allow his shots to directly hit his opponent if he's at a distance. Lke the Quincies, Xigbar is also capable of speedy movements and reaction time. So facing Ishida would probably get Sora thinking of some of his opponent's tactics to be similar to Xigbar. And if Sora and Riku fought that kind of opponent, then Ishida would be no different from the major foes they've confronted.

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You are right. However, the only major difference between Ishida and some of the organization members you mentioned, Ishida is so much faster and far more versatile with his shots. Shumpo, head rolls off. None of the members have seen this kind of thing before. Instantaneous speed, over thousand shots consectuvely and a sword/arrow that is both like a light saber and a chainsaw in one.

And what's more is that Ishida is a genius, able to figure out his opponents weekness and take advantage of that for his win in one full strike, never holding back. That hugely compensates for his lack of physical strength, able to keep up with Espadas and Vizards with major strength factor.

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You also forget that his aim is incredible.
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Sora & Riku, I think, have the advantage... Because they have two. Why is this a two on one match?

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r u kidding. sora ALONE can whipe the floor with that cocky bastard
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