Rune King Thor vs Pontus(Saint Seiya Episode G.)

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Both in character but going for the win. 
No prep 
No knowledge about their adversary 
They can use all their equipament and abilities. 
The fight starts with both at the opposite side of a Galaxy. 
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Obviously Pontus, he manhandled a Gold Saint and by power scaling he's at a universal level since all Gods in SS have said have powers at a universal level or above. And the Titans themselves are sealed from using full power and so is Pontus. What does has Thor proven to rival a God? A Minor God like Thanatos or Hypnos are enough to beat Thor.

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It's not the person Thor is supposed to have surpasses hasn't tangoed with quite a few dozen universal threats in his time or gone toe to toe with one of the big three abstracts for a dozen or so pages having the rest of the gods leaving it to the nigh omnipotent big players on the field. Or that his regular opponent smashes apart galaxies to create dimension warping swords. And it totally isn't like Thor defeated a group of Elder Gods that spent their time feasting on the Asgardians Ragnorak Cycle in one swing with them powerless to prevent their own demise. Power Scaling? Sounds like fun.

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