Rune King Thor, Cosmic Armor Superman Vs Zeus, Hades

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Rune King Thor And Cosmic Armor Superman Vs Zeus

And Hades


Scenario 1: In character

Scenario 2: bloodlusted

- No holding back

- All serious

- No prep

- No morality

- Win by death

Location: Universe

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As much as I love Zeus and Hades, they don't stand a chance lol!

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I think I agree. They're super powerful but Thor and Supes at this level are insane.
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Supes takes the fight alone, he's a casual multiverse buster

And Zeus is featless other than the fact he's more powerful than any other God in the SS universe.

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Hades or Zeus one one one against Rune King Thor would be a better fight. I'm pretty sure Cosmic Armour Superman is even stronger than Superman Prime One Million.

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Zeus doesnt have feats, or has even been shown in Saint Seiya.

Post by niBBit (664 posts) See mini bio Level 11

Rune King Thor isn't such a powerhouse as some would believe. There are good posts on various battle forums that explain his power. He's stronger than Odin but thats as far as he goes. I've seen people putting RKT on Abstract lvl dispite the serious lack of feats that support him being on that lvl, most believe he could't even take on Galactus or some of the higher lvl Celestials like Exitar or Arishem and those are far away of being Abstract lvl. Cosmic Armor Superman/Thought Robot is in the top 10 list of strongest beings in the DC universe. It was used to stop Mandrakk from tearing the DC universe a new one. CAS and RKT are not in the same league.

At what lvl are Zeus and Hades? 1 of them needs to be at COIE Anti-Monitor lvl in order to stand a chance against CAS.

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