Rose and Love vs Edo Madara

Topic started by xlab3000 on Feb. 17, 2013. Last post by taichokage 2 years, 1 month ago.
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Everyone is bloodlusted fight takes place in mountainous area

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What is with Edo Madara battles? Anyway as with most battles involving an edo character against a non hax and mortal character, Madara wins, Love and Rose will tire themselves out but before that happens they will be killed by a meteor, susanoo, or multiple giant fire styles. Love and Rose were knocked out by Starkk's city block level attack, Madara can easily replicate that kind of power as much as he wants since edo had infinite chakara. I don't see how this battle is not a stomp in favor of Madara since he can literally choose from his arsenal of jutsu how he wants to kill the duo, this would be a tough fight even without edo. Did I mention genjutsu?

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LOL Madara trolls them like he did the 5 kages and proceeds to kill them from being immortal thanks to Edo.

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Only way I see thm coming out winning is if they perform should burial. Madara is dead after all so it could definitely work, but that's out of character and not easy to do. Otherwise though, how could they defeat an immortal? Any battle involving Edo characters and the opposing team not having immortality, hax or sealing themselves is an automatic loss.
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