Roronoa Zoro (End of Arlong arc) vs Mifune

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Fight takes place in an open field similar to Mifune and Black Star's first encounter. Zoro has his 3 swords and Mifune has all of his. Character morals are on and they both want the win. They begin 50 ft apart and win is by death or incapacitation.

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@FuhrerRoyMustang: If Black Star beat him Zorro could. oh but this is arlong saga Zorro, hmmm could go either way but i think Zorro would still win. He would probably be on the brink of death but his great resolve would make him win like it has in many cases.
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@taichokage: Current Zoro would murder him, so I had to make it somewhat even.
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This is actually a incredibly interesting battle. 
You are correct in the fact that in the present Zoro would absolutely destroy mifune but at the end of Arlong park level I think mifune would have the upper hand. 
Even if we are saying it was Mifune from his and blackstars first encounter remember mifune lost due to technicality. He went soft on black star and was hit with a powerful suprise attack. He proved himself much stronger in later encounters. Mifune was such a skilled swordsman that he earnt the nickname 'sword god' 
So as much as I love Zoro and as much as it would be a close battle it would most likely be Mifune who is the victor. Unless Zoro got a perfect hit on mifune with three thousand worlds technique.
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Mifune wins
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I disagree. It is apparent that Zoro is much stronger in present day than after the Arlong Arc. However, one of the recurring themes in the One Piece series is that Zoro has always had a severe disadvantage against his opponents when he fought them, he had no major fight before the Alabasta Arc in which he wasn't seriously  injured coming into the fight. When he fought Hatchan in the Arlong Arc he had serious wounds across his body, so much that Arlong himself was amazed at Zoro's resilience, despite his putrid disgust for humans. Although it is close, I believe that Zoro would win.
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Interesting input so far.
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a feat from zoro few days after arlong saga
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