Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi VS. Gin Ichimaru

Topic started by Kurohige on June 3, 2011. Last post by Kurohige 3 years, 9 months ago.
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1.Bloodlust on
2. Rōjūrō starts with Vizard mask and shikai on
3. Gin can ONLY use shikai
4. No prep time
5. Battle take place in fake karakura town in the air 
6. Spiritual pressure equal
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I say in a close fight Gin, his shikai is still fast enough to take out Rose.
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imo, gin still wins. he's shown better swordsmanship, has a better shikai, & he has the range, as well as a one hit kill attack
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I go with Rose here,  he has more destructive feats with his Shikai, plus assuming when he has on his vizard mask he should be a bit faster than regular bankai Ichigo, so I think he could dodge Gin's attack or at least block, and when spiritual pressure equal I think he can use that move he used on starrk's wolves and damage him pretty badly, I mean Gin was hurt by Ichigo's getsuga tensho. I will agree on Gin being a better swordsman, but Rose was able to hold his own against a full hollowfied kensei, I also don't see why Rose can't simply yank Gin's sword right out of his hand. I just don't think Gin can win against a masked shikai Rose with only shikai. It will be a good fight but with them both being able to hurt each other equally I think Rose can pull it off.
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Hmm, I say Rose only because of the Vizord mask boost and Gin only being able to use shikai. At the same time I think Gin wou;d ahve easily beat Starrk with his shikai, but then again the spiritual power is equal here.
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Rose would win beause he has vizard powers. And his zanpaktou's shikai is more powerful than Gin's. Also he was a captain a long time before Gin was. He is probably closer to the likes of Shunsui and Shinji rather than Gin or Byakuya.
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Good point. 
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