Rock Lee Vs. Neji Vs. Sasuke (Chunin Exam)

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  1. They're all IC (In character)
  2. The title already makes it clear but I'ma just elaborate LOL, this is during the Chunin Exam Finals after Sasuke learned to copy Lee's speed via Sharingan.
  3. Sasuke cannot use his Cursed Seal
  4. Lee starts with his weights on (obviously)
  5. Its either until two are knocked unconscious or killed
  6. Both Neji and Sasuke start with their Byakugan and Sharingan activated, respectively
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Lee should be able to speedblitz if he takes the weights off and uses the inner gates. Second is Neji I think. He could probably outmatch Sasuke in h2h and block his chakra.

But this is out if character. So in character:

Neji beats Lee before he decides take off his weights since he is left with only taijutsu fighting a Taijutsu master with visual powers. Sasuke should do better than Lee and keep Neji at bay with his limited chidori but will fall in the end. So Neji wins, then Sasuke then Lee.

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They're IC? Well then Neji monologues about destiny and Sasuke blitzes him badly with Chidori. Then it comes down to Lee and Sasuke. I see Sasuke winning after a good fight. Mainly because at this point, he can more or less keep up with Lee and he is far more versatile with all his jutsu's.

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Even with weights, is Lee not fast enough to beat the other two with difficulty?

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I'm just going to wait before I do this.

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well my take on this is lee could win and neji could also win but for Sasuke even if you say he can't use his curse seal if push come to shove which I think it will then to use Chidori more then twice the seal will come out and by that time his chances of wining go way up

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I see lee winning. Because when the fight got only moderately rough with gaara he just took off his weights and started to move way faster than sasuke or neji could even dream of going at the time. He also knows neji and how dangerous he is so I don't see him waiting to find out what sasuke can do before taking off his weights. In character lee does what he has to do and is a little risky at this stage since he opened the inner gates with full intent to kill gaara considering if gaara took a hit from that he would have died. I see lee winning with a little difficulty. When he starts blitzing none can stop him.

I could also see neji winning if he plays he cards right though. He could lock up sasuke in at least a minute or two and he has the byakugan so if lee tries to attack him he can just do a palm rotation then proceed to lock his entire chakra system down or knock him out.

I can't see sasuke winning at this point though. His sharingan isn't really that developed at this point and he doesn't show any real ability to fight on par with the abilities lee and neji have.

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sasuke copied lees taijutsu and had chidori by then. he can beat both lee and neji.

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R.I.P. Neji(in the manga) This fight he'll win though

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@othus12 said:

sasuke copied lees taijutsu and had chidori by then. he can beat both lee and neji.

so you mean Sasuke will do the same moves (15 times more slowly) and win?

@redbird3rdboywonder: How? o.O

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I also agree, Neji would win this in character. It's already known that he beat Lee at this point in character and that Lee appeared slightly stronger than Sasuke also. The only difference here is that Sasuke has chidori. Lee would be my pick if he used the 8 gates, but he doesn't use it in character, only when bloodlusted basically. He's only ever used it once on screen.
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By having a giant branch put through his body
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@Fire Star: Didn't sasuke had his speed upgrade to match with Lee's speed with weights off? He was also beating Gaara up as bad as Lee.. So I don't think lee could beat them with weights on..

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Lee in character at make ix going to use Primary lotus. Sasuke's a non factor only two totome sharingan. And A long ass charge up with Chidori.




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