Ringo Rodagain VS Kenshin Himura

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1. Bloodlust is on

2. Fighters are exactly 6 feet away from each other

3. Both weapons start out holstered

4. Battle takes place inside the kendo dojo


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Well if Kenshin can instantly kill him he wins, but with 6 feet apart from someone with a good quickdraw and a 6 shooter that will be hard, and you know, he has this...:

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@Kurohige: Who the hell is Ringo Rodagain?

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@bowstaff54: He is a minor antagonist in part 7 of jojo's Bizarre adventure: Steel Ball Run, he is a very sick man but is also an expert gunslinger and as I posted above, he can rewind time for six seconds. At one point he was ambushed by three people and got his hand cut off, he simply rewind time back 6 seconds and while they were dazed from confusion he opened fire on them resulting in the main character getting a bullet to the head. Not surprised not many people know about him, Jojo is already a sorta underground manga so putting a minor character like Ringo out there is kinda surprising, nonetheless it's refreshing to see new characters.

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