Renamon runs the Jedi gauntlet!

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Renamon from Digimon Tamers takes on various Jedi warriors from the Star Wars franchise! Note well that after every battle, whether she wins or not, Renamon is restored to full power for the next of fights, and note equally well that all battles take place in Colgate, New York State. Here are her adversaries...

Luke Skywalker(Return Of The Jedi self)

Anakin Skywalker(Revenge Of The Sith self)

Mace Windu(Revenge Of The Sith self)

Obi Wan Kenobi(Revenge Of The Sith self)

Qui Gon Jinn(The Phantom Menace self...though I suppose it's a bit obvious in this case)

Ki-Adi-Mundi(Attack Of The Clones self)

Saesee Tiin(Revenge Of The Sith self)

Kit Fisto(Revenge Of The Sith self)

Agen Kolar(Revenge Of The Sith self)

Yoda(Revenge Of The Sith self)

List the outcomes individually and in the order above, please!

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3 maybe win the rest are loses for sure

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Can she digivolve?

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If she needs to in a particular fight, yes. But if her chances are good in a particular fight, then she stays Renamon for that fight. So, what are the outcomes, UltimateHero0406? List 'em individually and in the order on the OP, please!

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