Renamon runs the bird gauntlet!

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Since foxes eat birds in real life, I made this thread where Renamon from Digimon Tamers takes on various bird themed characters, hero and villain alike, both male and female, from various franchises! Every fight takes place in Tokyo, Japan, and here are her opponents...

Falcon(Marvel Comics, pre-Marvel NOW version)

Black Canary(DC Comics, post-crisis, pre-NU52 version)

Falco(Starfox Video Game Series)

Hawkgirl(DC Comics, post-crisis, pre-NU52 version)

Birdman(Birdman TV Series)

Hawkwoman(DC Comics, post-crisis, pre-NU52 version)

Vulture(Marvel Comics, pre-Marvel NOW version)

Vultureman(1980's Thundercats)

Hawkman(DC Comics, post-crisis, pre-NU52 version)

Deathbird(Marvel Comics, pre-Marvel NOW version)

Airazor(Beast Wars: Transformers)

List the outcomes individually and in the order above, please!

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You do know that Marvel NOW isn't a reboot

Renamon win (also Renamon is a it, since Digimon don't have gender)

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