Rave Master vs. Fairy tail Team Battle

Topic started by eddz99 on June 10, 2012. Last post by One_Piece_God 2 years, 7 months ago.
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@RedHero said:

Fairy Tail stomp.

Natsu could dodge shots from Luffy, who has hypersonic++ combat speed in Gear Second.

He soloes.

You Sir have clearly not read RAVE or One Piece.

Haru at full power is ridiculous the feats the boy has achieved are crazy. If it was not for the casual planet busting feats & clear superiority in speed I would go as far to say at full power he would be on par with sayian saga and some namek saga characters from DBZ.

Musica is no push over he is a strong fighter in his own right.

Elie at full power is probably stronger than Haru since she is a potentially planetary threat.

I'm assuming moral is on if thats the case if anything happens to Plue the Fairy Tale charcters die faster.

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