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@Kobra678: You say kid Goku can blow up the moon but I never saw it, that's powerscaling but in DBZ that's all you can do. Yusuke was still said to be able to destroy the world and was already proven to have to power to destroy demon world by the end of chapter black, demon world is huge, not ot mention it's own world. Aizen's shikai would be too much for a in character Goku who wont even go all out at the start.

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But in all honesty Goku would win with Kiaoken but without it Yusuke is too much for him, in a good fight Yusuke wins, but if you want feats:

Yusuke at chapter black saga (Before end of series) was already causing cyclones and the weather in all of demon world to change as well as moving so fast that people like Kuwabara (Who was keeping up with Hieh and Kurama) could not even believe, Sensui and Yusuke were also destroying mountains in their fight easily (Yusuke was not even using demon energy yet)

Now Sensui stating that using 1/5 of his power would cause too much stress on the planet:

The the beginning of the three kings saga Yusuke was already able to run 5 straight days without even breaking a sweat, Goku even had to nap on snake way AFTER the Raditz fight and needed a senzu:

Also, Yusuke, while holding back easily knocked away multiple high class demons into the sky without any spirit energy

This is all without even using a spirit gun, this is physical stuff, and Yusuke is even stronger at the end of the series. So yes I think he can take saiyan saga Goku with no Kaiohken. Sensui with 1/5th of his power strains the earth, and the earth can’t handle his full power. Now Raizen easily owned Sensui whilst having to work with a “weak” Yusuke’s body. So Raizen is pretty freakin' strong, it's not too far fetched to say say at MOST he is capable of destroying earth. Yusuke was ALMOST on par with Raizen in their last fight. Now Goku, during saiyan saga, at his ABSOLUTE PEAK reaches roughly 36000 in Kaioken x4 if my math is correct. Which is twice Vegeta who effortlessly destroyed Arlia. So Goku as well could easily destroy a planet during this saga WITH KAIOHKEN. So in destructive power there about on par when Goku has KAIOHKEN. In this fight Goku has no Kiaoken and this is EoS Yusuke who is much stronger than what is shown above and has access to his demon energy. As for speed: Goku isn’t going to speed blitz. “Saiyan Saga Goku” Run and Fly the damn Snake Course for freaking 177 days. It took Goku for 177 days. King Kai estimated that it would take Saiyan reach it for only 158 days. Goku took 177 days.

Return to Earth from Snake way.

In the manga, there is no official time it took Goku to get back to Earth after being wished back during the battle with the Saiyans, but King Kai estimated it would take two days. Going by the two days that was estimated by King Kai, that is about 20,830 kilometers (13,018 miles per hour) for a million kilometers trip in 48 hours.

And if you convert 13018 mph travel speed = Goku speed would be Mach 17. Sensui is far faster than Goku. Yusuke would blitz Sensui at End. Also keep in mind that Yomi, someone who barley won against Yusuke was far stronger than Sensui as well.

Yusuke wins this.

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Goku had to cross a distance of 1million km at top speed just to make it in time to save his son and used the Senzu to replenish the energy spent flying for 28hrs straight. It was never stated what distance Yusuke covered in 5 days. Also, Yusuke can't destroy the Makai realm. He could probably destroy the Earth, but so could Goku. And, byw, Kuwabara could not keep up with Kurama, much less Hiei. He's the slowest of them all. They only helped toughen him up for the Dark Tournament.
Nvm that for an instant Hiei was moving even faster than Sensui.
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@ReiKai: What? lol anyway, All I'm saying is that in character, saiyan saga Goku with no Kaiohken is going to lose to EoS Yusuke in a good fight. I'm not getting into the Kuwabara argument.

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I find it funny that the pirate site is saying the you are stealing manga from them LOL!

Anyway your links are broke

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@Destinyheroknight: Really, looks fine to me, but I'll try re-uploading them.

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I edited my post.

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@Kurohige: mach 17? goku was dodging lighting pre time skip dragonball. You said that 1/5 of sensui's power causes earthquakes, that's true, but that doesn't mean sensui is anywhere near planet destroying level. At most he could cause 5 earthquakes or one massive one. If yusuke doesn't get speed blitzed (which is unlikely) then he'll get beaten down in h2h. If yusuke tries to hit goku with a spirit gun Goku can just dodge it like toguro was going to. It would take a few seconds for yusuke to charge a planet busting spirit gun anyway (still think that yusuke isn't planet busting yet but whatever). A normal spirit gun (the ones that he can spam) really wouldn't affect goku because his clothes protect against weaker energy attacks like what he did with nappa.

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@Kobra678: Okay but that was not even natural lightning if I remember correctly, also given the example above that is Goku's speed saiyan saga with no Kaioken and with a senzu. I said 1/5 of his power was putting strain on the planet, the earthquake was when he let lose a little of his power and clashing with Koenma's pacifier. I don't think you know how little 1/5 of full power is, are you going by the logic of 1/5= 1 earthquake and so on until 5/5 or something? lol I hope not since that's not how it works. Goku is in character, at this point in DBZ Goku had no problem fighting fairly so Yusuke can charge a spirit gun, also, Yusuke can fuse with his own energy for h2h thus putting his own spirit energy into his fist. Also Yusuke should be faster than Goku at this point if even by a little.

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@Kurohige: Actually it was natural lightning if not enhanced lightning. The reason it went after goku is because he was wearing a metal crown on his head. From what you've been saying throughout this thread makes me think that yusuke is king piccolo or piccolo jr level in everything besides raw energy output. Speed, strength, fighting skill all go to goku. Yusuke still needs air to breath so if he shoots a planet busting spirit gun and goku dodges (most likely will) then they both will die via suffocation. Actually I don't think that yusuke's body can handle being in space.

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@Kobra678: Unless the person called down natural lightning from the sky and then made it his own ki (NOT like in Avatar the last airbender which is what I think this scenario fall into) then it's not lightning speed necessarily, sure it may have the same properties as lightning (Electrocuting, stunning, ect.) but not the speed, the same way Vegeta was able to make a sort of flame out of his ki. Speed still goes to Yusuke who is in the triple digit mach speed area, while Goku at that time was not (He was a lot faster than Yamcha whom was moving so fast Gohan and the others needed to read their ki to see them) however early in the series Hieh was already moving that fast before the Toguro arc, but the beginning of chapter black Yusuke was on par with Hieh (Who by this time greatly increased his speed). Ysuke does not need to blow up the planet lol, the the spirit gun is usualy fired right in front of him, that and he can fuse with his own energy. Goku would normally win, but saiyan saga Goku, with no kaioken and in character gives Yusuke a slight advantage as well. 
I think Goku trumps Yusuke in fighting skill, resistance,  and energy output maybe. But Yusuke barley has him in everything else. It will be by a small margin but Yusuke wins. Yusuke has fought people much more skilled than he is (Kibano, a master in every form of combat, Hieh, a master swordsman, Kagemaru, a ninja and eexpert assassin.) so that wont be too much trouble. Goku is just a bit too handicapped in this fight.
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Yusuke at the end was a casual montain buster as shown by his fight with Sensui, and he wasn't even at his strongest at the time.

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@CerusSerenade: True,, both were casualy doing that with their fist, Yusuke then got even stronger when he went full power and then when Raizen took him over. All before the 3 year time skip.
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@Kurohige: Nobody called down the lightning though. The only reason that it kept going after goku is because he was wearing a metal crown while standing on the top of a giant mountain. The first time (or couple i can't remember) he got struck by it. Then after a lot of training he went back up the mountain and put the crown back on. When the lightning came down on him he dodged it. That right there would make him at least mach 301. Since I don't know the speed of the actual bolt that was using the minimum. I never really said he would have to blow up a planet, I said that if he shoots a spirit gun with enough energy then goku would likely dodge it then boom....broken planet.

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@Kobra678: Was this only in the anime because this is the only lightning feat I recall  
Also, Hiei was re-creating most of Goku's feats from mid Dragonball and early DBZ  while he was still a C class demon in the series and Yusuke is even faster than Hiei by the end. Yusuke also knows how to control his power, assuming Yusuke aims forward and not down that wont be a problem, and as I said he can transfer that energy into his body.
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@Kurohige: Yeah, i just looked it up and it's filler. I never read the manga so I wouldn't know. http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Quicker_Than_Lightning this is what i was talking about though. Even if it was filler the scans you posted above still prove that he's faster than lightning. Which puts him at a minimum of mach 301 and up to half the speed of light (highly unlikely but possible).


^ Where I got information about the highest speeds of lightning.

What has hiei re-created from goku besides afterimage? Even Roshi can do afterimage and he's nowhere near goku's speed.

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Lelouch playing against Yugi?

A FABULOUS! Card Game.... LoL

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@Kobra678: Well the scan above was Popo doing it and saying that was how fast he needed to be to fight King Piccolo however we have no idea how fast he actualy went other than his words, also Goku was never able to complete that test as a page or so later Kami comes out and takes Goku under his wing, Goku himself never accomplished this feat and not too long after he went on to fight Piccolo, even if we assume Popo was that fast we have no other speed feat for him. Keep in mind that Krillen by the namek saga was only able to get from Guru to his destination in a few hours, by this time he should have been faster than base form Saiyan saga Goku, or at least close and that even contradicts it. I'm not saying Goku is not massively FTL (Because he very well should be, this proves it: http://www.screwattack.com/news/death-battle-erred-goku-vs-superman )
however, by this time in the series he was not lightspeed, but I concede now that I think about it, Goku should be in the triple digit mach speed at this point. 
 However Hieh very early on was able to slash Seiryu multiple times in only half a second or so, this was by a handicapped and weaker Hiei, also in the Dark Tournament Hiei cut off Makentaro's arm from several feet away without him noticing, not that this demon if much stronger than Seiryu and Hiei during that time, this was also before the end of the series. So Hiei di re-create multiple feats from Goku and Roshi (Moving so fast even other supernatural people could no see them move, even Kurama at points) So Yusuke at the end of the series should also be in triple digit mach speed, still this fight will likely be hand to hand in which case Yusuke still has the advantage having a higher power output than Goku with this limitation.
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Also Yusuke was stronger than Sensui, by miles. Sensui stated he could destroy the entire human plane of existence, which contained the universe as humans know it, with only a fraction of his power. 

To prove it, he suppressed his power as much as he could whilst in the Human Realm. He also never went anywhere close to the level of power that could supposedly destroy the Human Realm whilst in there. He moved the fight out of the physical realm and into the Demon Realm, another plane of existence seperate from the human one. It was shown in the Manga that the Demon Realm was almost infinitely less affected by Sensui’s power than the Human Realm. Once there, he went up to full power. 

Now, I have never seen a DBZ character possess so much power that they have to move out of the universe, as it couldn’t contain their power. I have never seen a DBZ character move their fight to another, far more stable plane of existence, so they can fight at full power. 

However, YYH characters have shown that level of power. We never see an S class conflict in Ningenkai, because their power cannot be contained in it. Besides which, if Goku was stronger than Reikai Special Forces, he would be classed as an S class under the YYH class system. That should give some idea as to what the S class system represents to YYH. It is a completely different power set that defys all previous YYH power in earlier chapters. 

That’s where I stand, at the moment. In terms of looking at Manga Sensui and Manga Yusuke, the act of S classes never fighting in Ningenkai, and fighting in the far-more-stable Makai seems to suggest that they cannot fight in Ningenkai. That Sensui was telling the truth. Not saying Yusuke is a universe buster but going by the above then he should be a planet buster. Of course going by showings then yes he is not, but the same can be said for a lot in DBZ. Also Yusuke's attack does not have to really be planet busting since Goku was never proven to take planet busting attacks, case and point Frieza and Buu where Goku was in danger of Buu's planet busting attack (Which blew Buu up as well who should be much stronger than Goku physically, especially saiyan saga Goku.)
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Well, actually Hiei's sword feat against Seiryu isn't too impressive considering Krillin and jackie Chun's fight within a second. Oh, and I don't really rely on screwattacks analysis because usually they get a lot of information wrong about a character. Saying that Sensui is a threat to the universe is like saying Krillin is a casual multi+ galaxy buster, it's just not happening. The human realm most likely refers to Earth, then the demon realm is a different dimension not universe. That's why Sensui wanted Kuwabara, to cut the barrier between the two.

Goku's durability is pretty tricky to figure out, but a extremely weakened Vegeta took a planet busting kamehameha from Goku when they fought. The Reikai special forces are actually pretty weak. I mean, the demon king didn't tell them that S classes even existed. They thought that the highest class was A. Also Goku is way faster in the Saiyan Saga than in the King Piccolo Saga from Dragonball. I'm not saying that this is is a stomp or anything like that but I just can't see Yusuke beating Goku unless it's mid Dragonball or below.

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