(Railgun) Mikoto Misaka vs Spiderman

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 (Railgun) Mikoto Misaka vs Spiderman
Takes place in New York or basically a city, they both use to fighting in cities anyway.  They are 200m away from each other.
For those that dont know Misaka.
Video below skip to 8:00 mins for juicy bit or can watch all if u like.
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This Isn't exactly Fair. When she can fry The entire area with her electricity.
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Well, Misaka is like a lower tier smarter Electro.
If Spiderman has electricity-resistant spider-webs then its easy for him. But I think its without prep.
200m? Misaka's Railgun range is 50 meters. After that the coin disintegrates from the energy. And she wouldn't do the "railgun-punch" at once. Also I hope she's bloodlusted, otherwise she would hold back great time. Then it makes Misaka the agressor. It is important again otherwise Spiderman could snipe her with web. He can shoot further than 200 meters and with extreme precision.
In the real fight it depends on many factors again. If Spiderman's speed takes her by surprise she's done. But if she can cope up with it then She can defeat Spiderman in seconds as he gets close. But again it is questionable as Spiderman has superhuman durability and Misaka could miscalulate on the applied electricity to defeat him. Also the spider-sense could prove bad for Misaka. Spiderman can sense immediate dangers and evade them. Like how he wouldn't go close to Misaka as he senses the outcome. So Spiderman would keep his distance and try to disarm Misaka with spider webs or trap him. While Misaka is smart for her age she's still a child and has issues with her temper. Also her "battery" can run out in a few minutes if she goes all-out. A thing which plays in Spiderman's favor again.
The good part is that because of her age Misaka would survive this encounter no matter what. Spiderman wouldn't kill her even if she gets defeated. Which is very likely.
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@willyvereb: the only reason Spider-man is able to beat electro is because he doesn't understand his powers enough to make Full Use of them. If he did, Spiderman would be a cindering pile of ash. I Also Think that Misaka would be able to beat electro, but i won't Go off topic. 
  1. It's true that If spiderman is equipped with electric resistant webbing He may be able to Bind her, But don't forget that she also has her iron sand which wouldn't be effected by it. (and i Don't remember her range with The railgun shots being stated to be 50 meters, but it might have been said in the manga) 
  2. If Spiderman get in H2H distance, Railgun can simply Expend a large amount of electricity like she demonstrated in her fight with touma. There is no way For spiderman to dodge that amount of electricity, no matter how agile he is.
  3. while It's true that spider-man's spidersense gives him the knowledge that danger is coming, it doesn't give him The exact information of where that danger is originating. Unless the City is empty, (Depending on what the OP Says this could be a possibility) I find it unlikely that he would suspect an average looking middle school student of being the source. 
  4. Railgun has a habit of going overboard with her powers. She doesn't purposely set out to hurt people, But in a fight against powered beings she doesn't tend to hold back. that coupled with the fact that railgun may or may not be blood lusted Kind of rules out the fact that she won't use enough electricity.
  5.  Railgun is able to Recharge and amp up her powers though outside electrical sources, and being in a city provides her With Plenty of resources to work with.
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@rein: Misaka can already generate more power than an atomic reactor. I doubt a car battery or anything like that would be enough for her.:p
Anyways, causing storms is a good idea. Bloodlusted Misaka might do that. And Misaka seriously holds back on human opponents even if they have powers. If you read the manga for example she didn't fry Frenda up the instant she detected her and instead tried to safely knock her out. Iron sand is a good point though I meant knocking Misaka out with balls of spider-web. And also Misaka isn't the stealthy type and she would shout and tauntthe whole time starting from the beginning.
Well, I underestimated Misaka a bit...Maybe she has more chance than that.
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Spiderman shouldn't be underestimated here, spidey sense, strength, speed, agility and reaction time advantage plus hes fought electro before so this will be nothing new.
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Just taking note of what you earlier said. 
Yes the City is empty their are not people besides Spiderman & Railgun.
I did the setting in the battle in a city to help spiderman swing about more, and more places for him to dodge and use creativity etc.
Also to take away a potential advantage for Railgun the City is blackout (no electric power or electric sources in the city)
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