Raikage Vs Vergo

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@othus12 said:

@aka_tsuki: he wont bypass vergos haki. it took an island splitter to defeat him. while on the other hand the raikage was struggling against sasuke.

i dont believe that it TOOK an island splitter to beat virgo. I think that law just happened to be an island splitter who also beat virgo because the end of the fight looked like plain overkill

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@Haofan123: Law is portrayed as a strategist so he would not use more or less than required to defeat vergo. He is amongst the enemy and a rival he can't show everything he has and also he can't allow them to think he is a push over. The mere fact that doflamingo didn't know he had such power shows how low a profile he tried to keep and how he thought so far ahead. So in essence it took nothing less than that attack to cut through vergo. Also law had to gain an incredible mastery of haki to actually cut through vergos haki with his devil fruit.

Long story short vergo is a tough nut. His haki is impressive but his attitude is what strikes me as his losing point he seems a bit cocky so he will probably die in the beginning when he keeps his haki down.

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I have to agree. Vergo didn't require an island splitting cut to be defeated, durable as he is. Law wanted to show off his abilities to the underworld and to destroy SAD which was his main objective and which he did simultaneously. But that doesn't necessarily mean I'm siding with the Raikage either. I'm still leaning towards Vergo on this.
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