Raikage vs Sanji

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Sanji from Arabasta/Skypiea Arc

Raikage has 3 times his normal amount of chakra (for stamina reasons) & both his arms

Scenario: The Raikage thinks Sanji is working with Kabuto & Sanji thinks the Raikage has stolen Nico Roben. They dont speaks to one another until they are the victor.

No prep

The fight takes place in a large forest

Who wins?

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Raikage absolutesly destroys alabasta/skypia sanji with minimal effort. I think he'd even give current sanji a run for his money let alone previous versions

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Current Sanji would obliterate Raikage what are you smokin, Sanji is much faster, has flight, more durability, more destructive power and Hell's Memories. Arabasta Sanji not so much though

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Under this scenario, the Raikage. Alabasta Sanji is several times weaker than his current self, and this Raikas is three times stronger than normal. The difference isn't so great that under these conditions the Raikage wouldn't win. Maybe Alabasta Sanji vs Current Raikage without being beefed up on chakra might be good.
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Mismatch. A stomps.
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Raikage stomps. LOL
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