Raikage (A) Vs Might Guy Vs Jiraiya

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There are two scenarios in this battle. In the first, they are all out of character and A has his arm back, in the second scenario they are all in character and A is in his current one-armed state. Everyone starts at full power. Now that we've seen the capabilities of Might Guy recently, I'm interested in seeing how well he'd do against A with his gates open. Jiraiya starts off in Sage Mode, Guy can open all gates, and A can but doesn't have to start with his Lightning Release Armor.
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Man I wish I read the manga.

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Guy isn't Kage level so he is pretty much a non-factor. He would be a threat if he opened the 8th gate but he would get blitzed before then. I believe A wins all scenarios here, Jiraiya just doesn't have the speed to keep up. Not to mention A is wicked strong, a Liger bomb should do it.

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11th gate would be a problem

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Guy won't last long. I think if he opens all 8 gates he'll be an equal force but I doubt he can hold that form for more than a few seconds.

Now Jiraiya vs Raikage would be a good battle. I think Jiraiya could win against the Raikage if he can get his frog genjutsu in but then again Raikage could win because of a speed blitz. I'd say Raikage is more likely to win in this scenario.

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@eddz99 said:


11th gate would be a problem

Nice joke little dude.

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Jiraiya. Greatest versatility, most experience and arguably the most destructive.
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While Jiraiya could win this, I don't see how he could get around A's speed which is almost on par with 9 tails chakra mode Naruto. Now we know 9 tails chakra mode is superior to Naruto's sage mode which at the same time was superior Jiraiya's incomplete sage mode. So speed wise Raikage should have a significant speed advantage over Jiraiya.

Even Sasuke was struggling to hold a candle to Raikage's speed and Sasuke had the sharingan. Not that I'm saying Sasuke could defeat Jiraiya, but he did defeat Danzo after all.

Although I'm not ruling out Jiraiya winning this one either at all, it would be a close battle but I think Raikage at full power should get the win.

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Guy would be the first to go as while he could match the other two foes in speed once he unleashes his Gates, he'll still need a bit of prep time for releasing them and that will screw him over against his two fast foes. I picture Raikage winning after a drawn-out battle as while he has an advantage in speed, Jiraiya's more versatile battle style in Sage Mode would give the man a bit of difficulty.

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