Raiden vs Kambei

Topic started by UltimateHero0406 on Feb. 15, 2013. Last post by Kurohige 2 years ago.
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Raiden (MGR)


Kambei (Samurai 7)

No prep

Fight is at Impel Down

Battle to K.O. or death

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Can I get some info?

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You may not have seen this in the clips but Kambei also slices through giant mechs like warm butter even better than what was shown. Excuse the music.

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Raiden wreaks. Dude was throwing Metal Gears around like footballs. Not to mention his sheer speed and versatility.

Can't wait to buy MGR!

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Damn a pretty decent battle. I can't answer this yet, it's far to hard.

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I'm leading on Kambei but I can see Raiden winning, Kambei sliced in half a gigantic ship that housed thousands of metal gear sized samurai mechs as well as easily block attacks from Kikuchiyo bare handed (A robot samurai who was capable of lifting and entire support structure for a collapsed street.). They should also be about equal in speed but Kambei did easily slice lasers in half and Raiden has had trouble against slower people than kambei but when it comes to skill I give it to Raiden, Kambei may understand the sword better but Raiden can use almost any blade with just about any part of his body, Kambei can also read an opponent's movement as well as use the environment around him to get a win. Kambie was also capable of fighting against the Nobusari army for days on end with no rest and only a few bowls of rice, in MGS4 Raiden was tiring after fighting a group of assassins (Although he lost both arms at that point.) But Riaden is definitely more durable and can take more punishment than Kambei.

I lean towards Kambei due to being a smarter fighter as well and being quite a bit stronger and almost faster than Raiden. But it can go either way.

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