PTS Sasuke vs Juugo

Topic started by CosmicCupcake on March 17, 2013. Last post by katanalauncher 2 years ago.
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Sasuke has access to Cursed Seal Form 2.  
The fight takes place in a Cave. No prep. No morals. Win by Death. Who wins? 

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This is a hard one, one hit from fully transformed Juugo can do serious damage to Sasuke.

With Sharrigan sasuke should be able to avoid most of Juugo's attack, but Juugo have pretty good durability that is able to tank a hit from Raikage.

So I doubt a single chidori can take Juugo down, in the end Sasuke is more skilled so he might keep a distance using flight.

Fully transformed Juugo can take with high difficulty, any other form gets beaten by Sasuke.

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