Priscilla vs Organization XIII

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Full knowledge for both sides.

Priscilla faces them one at a time from weakest to strongest.

Every member displayed is in this fight.


Winner by Death.

Setting is The World That Never Was.

Who takes this?

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Didn't Xion end up becoming a reality warper?

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Only members I can picture taking out Priscilla would be Roxas, Xion, Xemnas, Luxord and possibly Marluxia as the rest get taken out due to lacking a means of offing Priscilla due to her highly regenerative abilities and durability. The mentioned five can get around her durability with either their weapons (Xion and Roxas' Keyblades being highly effective against evil threats) or abilities (Marluxia's Doom spell [if he prolongs the battle enough], Luxord turning Priscilla into a card or die to make her vulnerable, Xemnas' Invitation to Nothingness).

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Priscilla wins easily

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where is organization xiii from?

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Kingdom Hearts.

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