Pre Majin form Dark Schneider runs a gauntlet

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as title says

Current Naruto

Current Sasuke

Current Madara



Dangai ichigo

Current Toriko

Current Zebura

Current Sani

Speed is Equal

who wins

EDIT: Am I the only person still having issues uploading pics? I use google chrome. Can a mod please help me???

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The 3 heavenly kings will give a decent match but in the end, he clears.

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Strongest pre-majin form would be Post-Timeskip Dark Schneider who can fight on par with Seraphs. Giving him roughly 7000x FTL speed, planet-level spells, and sun-level durability for tanking a supernova-level ultimate attack from Michael while headless.

Meaning he solos everyone at the same time effortlessly.

Pre-Timeskip D.S. would stop at Madara and at least one of the Kings.

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Why dont we try DS versus All of that guys at once?

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DS murderstomps.

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Yeah. DS solos not only the gauntlet all at once but their respective verses too. He's too high a caliber for these guys.
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You should have PM a mod. We're not here 24/7 and check every thread. You have to proactive. I just noticed your request 2 weeks from your post. I'll fix your OP even though the image glitch has been taken care of last Thursday.

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This guy can solo the DBZ verse and beat a lot of Marvel/DC powerhouses

Why the heck are you putting him against some HST characters?

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@Saladking: Someone Obviously didn't read the OP Title.

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Pre majin he was star level + I think, so he clears ^.^

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