Powerpuff Girls vs Goku, Vegeta and Mystic Gohan

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Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls (The ones that got their own movie and Series on cartoon network)
Powerpuff Girls (The ones that got their own movie and Series on cartoon network)


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LOL Powerpuff girls and Z fighters are equal in strength and speed but I give it to the Z fighters. Though this would make a good fight but PPG's aren't planet tankers so they easily lose.
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@mydeathlyways said:

" LOL Powerpuff girls and Z fighters are equal in strength and speed but I give it to the Z fighters. Though this would make a good fight but PPG's aren't planet tankers so they easily lose. "

Weren't powerpuff girls destroying meteorites and surviving in volcanoes like it was nothing, lifting up mountains effortless and survived a solar flare. Not to meantion all are above FTL as seen from the movie were they went from outside our galaxy back to earth in seconds, travelled to the future and pass with their speed alone.
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Unless powerpuff can pull off planet busters, they lose.
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what the stomp, the PPG die horrible deaths
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@Jinbeifan1 said:
"what the stomp, the PPG die horrible deaths "

wwrong z fighters get killed
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PPG go back in time and kill Goku and them as babies.

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Roshi solos
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Most lop-sided fight ever
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@SSJjanemba: why is it you'll think frieza beats thanos(gems or no gems thats a stomp) but will then turn and say PPG could beat the best dbz  fighters, ur fanboyness confuses me
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PPG go back in time and kill Goku and them as babies.


That would not kill the current Goku & Co in this battle though.  That could just kill a different timeline version :P 
Goku & Co still wins. 
PPG cant even see them, they are too fast.
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No that'd kill current because what created different timelime was DB's faulty form of time-travel.  PPG's it not faulty. It follows a linear timeline. So your argument is moot. And really, when you're so fast you can move from time, then we'll talk. Until then, DBZ'ers don't come close to that.

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PPG even take this.
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No that'd kill current because what created different timelime was DB's faulty form of time-travel.  PPG's it not faulty. It follows a linear timeline. So your argument is moot. And really, when you're so fast you can move from time, then we'll talk. Until then, DBZ'ers don't come close to that.

NO, it would not kill current timeline.  

Anyway we know that Goku & Co would win.  
You said it yourself.   
PPG only chance is to go back in time.
PPG can only defeat Goku & Co, when they are babies. 
I could easy say, Future Trunks would bust-out his capsule and time-travels to past and kill Professor before he creates PPG :P

@ReiKai said:


PPG go back in time and kill Goku and them as babies.

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They can go back in time and destroy Planet Vegeta before Goku was even born. PPG's have proven they can time travel along a linear path. Mirai Trunks' Time Machine does not. PPG's can do it without a Time Machine, they do it via speed. Trunks can't. Here's another thing; PPG can exist in space unaided. Saiyans can't. PPG have already proven speed far above DBZ cast.
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Tao solos
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PPG even take this.    

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I didn't see much back feats for help out the PPG, so I'm leave this here.

Let us begin. First know the history or relive it.

Power Puff Girls listing and greatest feats 7 categories strength, durability speed, energy projection, breathe & superscream, team attacks and other (such has toon force one hit movesets.)

Strength: (Skip to 3:50) Feats include swimming in lava, lifting a giant meteor then melting it with heat vision and lifting a submarine.

The Rowdyruff Boys (S1E12) - Mojo Jojo turns his observatory atop the volcano into a floating weapons platform. Blossom grabs it and after swinging it a few times to build momentum tosses it into space. One of very few PPG feats to feature the infamous space toss. This is way above Goku's famous dragon throw.

Later in the same episode, the Rowdyruff Boys attack the girls by throwing buses, planes and ships in their general direction. The Rowdyruff Boys attack the girls by throwing a bus(Bubbles), plane(Blossom) and ship(Buttercup) in their : general direction. The Powerpuffs manage to catch all of the aforementioned projectiles and put them down without harming the passengers of the vehicles.

Mojo Jonesin' (S2E12 II) - After a particularly unpleasant chain of events, the girls launch Mojo Jojo in the general direction of the Townsville city jail. Seeing that Mojo is going to land outside of the prison, Bubbles quickly pushes the building several meters to the side managing to make Mojo land in his very own prison cell. Quite the good feat, can you say Toon Force is always here?

Slave The Day (S2E6 I) - The best part of this is not a Powerpuff feat as such, but rather something done by one of their most foddery foes. Big Billy of the Gangreen Gang impulsively decides to repay the girls for saving his life earlier in the episode and stop a train of the Townsville Subway single-handedly (literally, he stops the train with a single hand). Afterwards, the girls beat the crap out of him since he helped put them in that pinch which kinda shows how Billy compares to the PPGs despite his obviously great superhuman strength.

Powerprof (S3E11) - Two feats for the price of one. After being thrown away by a monster, Buttercup opens a hole in the hull of a cargo ship that sinks, so she lifts it out of the water and leaves it in the beach.

The Girls go out into space(for some reason wearing spacesuits, even though they can survive in space unaided) and smash into pieces of a large asteroid destroying it on impact.

The Mane Event (S3E1 II) - A particularly problematic monster of the episode (a giant ball covered with eyes called Eye Carumba) is incapacitated by laughter. Buttercup exploits this temporary weakness to bat away the critter with an I-beam. Eye. Carumba is launched beyond the Moon and keeps going without signs of slowing down.

Buttercup has to out lift Big Ben, a superbrick. Big Ben starts by lifting a car, then an elephant, then a castle. Buttercup replies lifting a bus, a blue whale and a small skyscraper. This frustrates Big Ben who tears off and lifts the top of Mt. Everest, but Buttercup goes and lifts him while he is still holding Mt. Everest peak. Please keep in mind Mt. Everest weights around 370 to 400 trillion pounds. I have to do the math on how much of the Mt. Everest was cut off to get the measurements on what amount of the peak Big Ben was holding and Buttercup holding Big Ben. General guess can range about 100-190 trillion or a bit less.

Blossom has to stop a meteor rain that according to Major Glory could destroy all of Earth. She does this by freezing the largest meteor that she then breaks with carefully calculated force, which results in the frozen fragments of the larger meteor colliding with and destroying the smaller meteors. Nobody ain't planet busting in PPG universe.

Octi Evil (S1E3 I) - The girls beat the crap of a random giant hydra that towers over Townsville's skyline and after tying knots with its neck use the monster to jump rope. Then they roll it into a ball that they throw to each other, before getting rid of the thing. How often do you see DC and Marvel characters doing this?

Knock It Off (S4E6) - Another strength feat that is not strictly Powerpuff business, but indicative of their strength ballpark. In this episode, the Powerpuff Girlz Xtreme (defective, mass produced copies of the PPGs) manage to lift a giant "alligator monster" (old Hanna Barbera character, I think?) when he is about to crush the whole island of Manhattan with its body and fly him to the other side of the river without consequences. It is worth noting that Professor Utonium watches the whole thing in TV and is convinced that it was the actual PPGs who did the deed.

Bubble Boy (S5E10 II) - While impersonating the blue member of the Rowdyruff Boys, Bubbles is strong-armed into trying to shoot down a plane with a spitball (the other two Rowdyruff Boys had tried and missed, breaking instead mirrors that astronauts were using to repair the Hubble Space Telescope). Bubbles misses badly and her spitball rebounds, crossing Townsville several times and finally impacting against the green Rowdyruff Boy, who is left buried to his armpits at the end of a meters long trench carved in the ground by the force of the impact.

Roughing It Up (S6E13 I) - Opening sequence of the episode shows a giant monster, a giant robot and a number of villains landing many kilometers away from Townsville after being beaten up and thrown away by the girls.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie - Though not particularly rich in terms of strength feats, there are a couple of OK instances of lifting heavy stuff. In the first, the girls dig up in the North Pole a random asteroid that they transport to Mojo's volcano where they melt the thing down and use the metal to build Mojo's observatory. Later the same night, they refloat a submarine from the bottom of the sea and take it to Mojo's where they use it as a piñata (only instead of candy, they get electronic equipment). Not too shabby considering that it was their second or third day of existence.

Speed: Insect Inside (S1E1 I) - When an army of evil cockroaches invades Townsville in the first move of a bid for global domination, in order to stop them without squashing 'em Blossom goes and grabs a giant jar from somewhere and flies through the city at clocking way above hypersonic collecting the encroaching cockroaches and putting all of them in the glass jar. Seeing that it took Blossom minutes at most to collect literally millions of bugs from all over the place, it is a good feat if you stop to think about it.

Mo Job (S2E8 I) - Princess Morebucks hires Mojo to make Chemical X for her (which he does) and to depower the PPGs. To do this second task, he prepares a raygun (called a laser in the episode, though also identified as a "liquid electron gun" and likely not lightspeed). At one point, Mojo Jojo shoots Buttercup with the ray and Blossom sees the beam fly past her. Since she is aware of the nature and purpose of the ray, she starts moving fast, manages to overtake the beam and tackles her sister out of the way. This, btw, makes Blossom considerably faster than the Chem X powered version of Princess, since the brat tries (and fails) to outrun the beam herself a couple minutes later.

Speed Demon (S2E12 I) - While racing back home from school, the girls reach the speed of light and resume to go faster. As a result, they travel to an alternate future time in which Him has corrupted Townsville and their loved ones are zombie like shades of themselves. After having a nervous breakdown, the girls repeat their feat of the beginning of the episode, break the time barrier and travel back to their past.

Members Only (S4E5) - As part of the tests which the asshole superheros try to use to discourage the PPGs from joining their boys only club, there is a superspeed competition in which Bubbles has to run one lap around the world against cyborg speedster E-Mail (who we are informed, can do that in seven seconds precisely).

E-Mail starts with a head start, since Bubbles is distracted by Major Glory firing sparks to signal the beginning of the race and her sisters have to tell her to start running, but she manages to catch up easily enough. After going through some random jungle, Egypt, the Amazon, Easter Island and the Chinese coast, Bubbles politely asks whether they are supposed to arrive together or if this is one of those things in which one of the competitors is supposed to win. After being answered in the affirmative, she easily outruns the speedster, smashes through the Great Wall of China and reaches Mt Everest four seconds after leaving. FTL once again with ease. Since Earth's planetary circumference is slightly above 40000 km, doing a lap around the world in seven seconds puts E-Mail's speed just short of mach 17000 (approximately 2% lightspeed). In contrast, Bubbles wasn't even trying still gained four seconds trip leaves her around 10000 km per second (0.03c or so).

When Mojo Jojo kidnaps and takes the role of the Narrator, he forces the PPGs to fight each other to death. During this battle, there is one instance in which Buttercup visibly dodges Bubble's eyebeams (which depending on the day of the week are lasers or heat beams) after they are fired (so it is not aim dodging or any such thing).

Long story short: Princess Morebucks travels to the North Pole and alters Santa's list to make him believe that she is the only nice girl in the world. So she gets superpowers and everyone else gets coal. The Powerpuff Girls discover this midway through Christmas night and have a fight with the now superpowered Princess as they travel to the North Pole to set things right. Upon arrival, Santa realizes what has happened and depowers Princess, but finds himself unable to right the wrong because the battle between Super-Princess and the PPGs scared away his reindeer, smashed his sleigh and generally made it impossible for Santa to get things done in time. So he asks the PPGs to handle the present distribution for him and gives them the sack. And they complete the whole thing in part of a night.

Dialouge if you want to know it.

SANTA: "Powerpuff Girls, with your streaks so bright, won't you deliver the Christmas gifts tonight?"

PPGs: "We'd be honored, Santa. / And we'll do our best."

SANTA: "Good, 'cause my head's killin' me."

NARRATOR: "So all 'round the world the powerpuffs flew, with a sack full of toys and a giggle or two. They knew that their job was to fly through the skies and deliver the gifts before the sun should arise. They spoke not a word, but took care of their deed, delivering gifts at a breakneck speed. Their streaks ribbon the sky, their swiftness severe, they'd have sure been the envy of 8 certain reindeer. Gift by gift, they completed the task they were bestowed. Dollies and race cars, horsies, choo-choos, and blocks, teddy bears, puppy dogs, underwear and socks: All these items slipped under every child's tree, arranged rather nicely by these supergirls 3. They were making good time even though they were rookies, so they stopped once or twice to have milk and some cookies. Just before dawn, so they sped back to Townsville, to home with a yawn. They entered their room, for the wear no less worn, and snuggled into bed to await Christmas morn."

The Powerpuff Girls Movie speed feat: In the opposite side, I've heard about this movie featuring an excellent and very clear feat in which the PPGs flew from the Moon to Earth in a second or two. Not so. When they flee from Earth, the PPGs end in a generic space rock (distance from Earth unknown) within an asteroid field rather than in the Moon.

How often do you see DC, Marvel, or Animes play tag like this?

During the final fight against Giant Mojo Jojo, MJ starts firing his giant hairs machine-gun style at one point. Blossom, in order to protect that really annoying Talking Dog that shows up every now and then, is forced to use superspeed to deflect away those giant hairs to protect the doggie. Not that great in the grand order of things, but its hard to find hand speed feats because with these girls.

Durability: During their monster fighting escapades, the girls are frequently hit so hard that they are launched beyond Townsville, smashed through several buildings or smashed with buildings. Considering that they have been manipulated into fighting each other a number of times and that they can definitely take hits from opponents with their strength levels (like the Rowdyruff Boys), their durability seems proportional to their strength. Butch smacks Buttercup through several skyscrapers, she's unfazed afterwords and itching for a fight.

Twisted Sister (S2E11 I) - Another train feat. This time there is a gap in the tracks and the girls use their own bodies to prevent the train from derailing and falling to its doom. Not much to comment about this one.

They are bulletproof.

They were able to travel to the center of earth through a volcano without being destroy by the level of heat. In order to help build Mojo Jojo's lab.

Buttercup takes a direct hit from a monster with a powerful breath weapon capable of smashing through half a dozen buildings in a single shot, this direct hit leaves Buttercup unscratched.

Eye Carumba, the monster of the episode, turns out to have a substantially powerful disintegration eyebeam that annihilates entire city blocks and whole rivers with each shot. Bubbles and Buttercup are repeatedly hit with these beams without taking any damage beyond being knocked around.

The Mayor of Townsville launches a number of nuclear missiles from a nearby military facility and when the girls stop the last missile, the Mayor causes it to detonate when they are holding it with an extending boxing glove he calls The Equalizer. After the boom, Townsville is a wreck and the girls are covered in soot, but apparently unhurt. The Dog was not okay.

The PPGs took a dip in acid for several seconds during which the block of concrete to which they were tied to is completely corroded. After being taken out, the girls look a bit bruised, but nothing major and Blossom comments "What do you know? Acid can't hurt us!"

Range of Super Powers: The PPGs use a surprisingly large number of energy attacks of different types during the series. List contains: Heat vision, Vaporizing Vision, Ice Breath, Super Breath, Fire Breath, Electricity, Fireballs, Energy shockwaves, Superblast techniques, Power punches, Hand Blast, Super Screams, Spin Vortex, Supersenses, X-ray Vision, Superhearing, Dream control, Super-Imagination, Cloning, Copy Cat, Inferno, Transformation, Snot Rockets, Shrinking, Forcefields, Teleportation, Intangilability, Invisibility, Mimic Voice of Humans and Animals, Thunderclaps, Fire Eating, Power of Music To Manipulate Reality, Magic Capabilities. "Can you say make powers up on the fly?" Sounds familiar doesn't it.

Like all good Superman expies, the Powerpuff Girls have eyebeams that have been alternatively described as eye lasers or heat rays. Regardless of the nature of these beams, the PPGs have good control over this power. For example, they can fire these lasers with enough accuracy to remove the bread crust from a pile of sandwichs without causing any damage to the sanwichs (or anything else). Ref: The Powerpuff Girls Movie.

This is also not the only instance of fine laser vision control, since Buttercup once used her eyebeams to vaporize the falling cage of the class pet without harming the hamster inside. Ref: Stuck Up, Up And Away (S2E1 I)

Finally, in one instance Bubbles showed the ability to fire lasers that changed trajectory in mid-flight to enter the exhaust port of a giant disco ball being used by monsters-under-the-bed to block sunlight and keep Townsville in eternal night. Yes, its a SW homage/joke, the feat is still there. Ref: Boogie Frights (S1E5 I)

Here is the video.

In terms of power, there are two good feats performed jointly by all three PPGs. The first involves the vaporization of most of an asteroid after a combined eyeblast of several seconds. Ref: Twisted Sister (S2E11 I)

However, the most impressive showing of PPG heat vision involves the vaporization of an entire lake in less than two minutes (the timeframe is provided explicitly by in-episode dialogue). Ref: Him Diddle Riddle (S4E4)

Though the exact size of the lake is unknown to us, it is worth remembering that in order to vaporize a 10x10x10 meters cube of water you need over half a kiloton of energy. All things considered, this feat puts the energy output of the PPGs heat vision in the level of low-yield nuclear weapons, at the very least.

To finish, it is worth commenting that when Bubbles was wearing thick glasses and she fired her lasers through them, the beam was amplified enormously and turned into a wide-beam blast that vaporized in one shot a giant ant that had been shown to be impervious to the normal intensity eyeblasts of her sisters. Ref: Bubblevision (S3E4 I)

In Mo Job (S2E8 I), Blossom builds up static electricity and then releases a lightning bolt against a Chemical X-powered Princess, who uses a spin effect to deflect the lightning, which ends impacting and electrocuting Mojo Jojo.

A while later, in Him Diddle Riddle (S4E4), Blossom does something similar to release enough electricity to trigger a rainstorm.

Finally, in The Boys Are Back In Town (S5E6), Bubbles uses a different kind of electric attack, which concentrates energy in the tip of her arm until an electric orb appears. This orb can then be thrown and upon impact will unleash its concentrated energy. The blue Rowdyruff Boy managed to deflect this electrorb with an energy construct shaped like a baseball bat.

Also during Mo Job (S2E8 I), Buttercup rubbed her arms together to generate friction, which allowed her to create a fireball which she threw at Princess (who swallowed it). Considering that she didn't seem to use any special power to do this, this is a feat that the other PPGs likely could replicate, but I am not aware of any other instances of fireball throwing elsewhere in PPG.

Prior to the Rowdyruff Boys' resurrection in The Boys Are Back In Town (S5E6), the girls battled several giant monsters and, during this fight, Bubbles showed a unique move. By clapping her hands together, she released a powerful AoE shockwave of blue energy that defeated in a single blow two of the giant monsters.

During the episode Los Dos Mojos (S2E6 I), an amnesiac Bubbles who believes herself to be Mojo Jojo fights her sister. Bubbles hits her sisters with a speical energy attack knocking Blossom and Buttercup out for a few minutes.

In a few instances, individuals empowered with Chemical X have generated energy auras around their fists, apparently in order to increase the damage caused by their physical attacks, something that Mojo Jojo called "power punches". The images shown below come from the episodes Bubblevicious (S1E9 I, Buttercup image) and Mizzen In Action (S6E7 II, pirate image)

A variation of this ability is seen during Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I), when the girls punch the ground and cause cracks to spread towards a target structure that explodes when the cracks in the ground reach it.

Though not used as often as heat vision, the PPGs have also often shown the ability to fire from their hands energy beams. Sometimes these beams are the colour of the energy trails that the PPGs leave when they fly around, sometimes they are white and sometimes they are jagged and lightning like. In terms of destructive power, the hand beams lack the high end feats of the heat vision rays. The examples pictured below come from the episodes Octi Evil (S1E3 I), Simian Says (S1E4 II) and Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I), respectively.

Mojo Jojo, upon gaining PPG-like powers, combined the energy projection with his mutated brain to fire a tremendously powerful headblast that knocked out all three PPGs with a single shot (Mr. Mojo's Rising (S1E7 II)). They recovered quickly after the hit.

Though Bubbles uses it most often than her sisters, all three PPGs are capable of shouting very loudly in order to release 'sonic screams' high pitch enough to rival and surpass Marvel and DC characters gifted with Super Sonic Screams.

In terms of destructive power, Bubbles' best feats are using her superscream to push back several dozen meters and through two different buildings the giant robot Dynamo, during the episode Live And Let Dynamo (S5E16 II), and using a particularly intense form of this which she called "ultrasonic bubblesound" to level much of downtown Townsville in A Made Up Story (S5E18).

As for Buttercup and Bubbles, their best sonic scream feats can be found in Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I), when their sonic shockwaves destroy entire buildings and topple loaded boxcars.

Blossom's unique PPG power is a rather powerful freeze breath, though at least one other ChemX powered individual also showed the ability (namely, one of the kids that Mojo gave temporary superpowers with Chemical X). At any rate, Blossom's freeze breath first manifests during Ice Sore (S1E8 II) and from the start it is shown to be rather powerful when she 1) turns her schoolyard into a snowfield in the middle of an intense heat wave and 2) freezes a giant asteroid later in the episode.

She repeats the asteroid feat in an even larger scale a couple seasons later, in Members Only (S4E5). In this episode, she uses her ice powers to freeze an asteroid of planet-shattering proportions.

Finally, her third major feat of ice power happens during the episode Forced Kin (S4E10). In order to fool the plans of a villainous alien intelligence, Blossom is sent by Mojo Jojo to freeze an active volcano, which manages to fool the target acquisition programs of a heat-seeking missile sent against the volcano to trigger a planet-wide chain of seismic disasters.

Both Blossom (in S1E8 II, Ice Sore) and Bubbles (in S6E4 II, Simian Says) have shown the ability to breath fire. Though many of the specifics of this power are left to speculation, in terms of power Blossom was able to scorch her sisters pretty bad with hers and Bubbles managed to stalemate Blossom's freeze breath in her own single instance of using this fire breath.

Posting the rest)

Post by Mr_Common_Sense (7 posts) See mini bio Level 6

Also, while enlarged to kaiju size by Chemical X overexposure in The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Mojo Jojo also had powerful fire breath that he used to knock out the PPGs at one point during their initial battle. Considering that earlier in the same movie, the girls dive in lava with no issue whatsoever this is some hot stuff.

The ability to generate gale strength winds by blowing hard is something that all three PPGs can do. Bubbles uses it in Down 'n Dirty (S2E5 II) just to dry Buttercup after she takes a bath, but it is also used simultaneously by all three sisters in Him Diddle Riddle (S4E4) to push around the cloud formed after they vaporized the water of Townsville's lake, in Reeking Havoc (S5E16 I) to temporarily disperse the body of a giant gas monster and in 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas Bubbles uses it to create a giant wave that she then freezes to slow down Princess in their running battle towards the North Pole.

Down 'n Dirty (S2E5 II), when Buttercup uses it to absorb a gas monster and sends it to outer space with the tornado, again in the special 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas, where Buttercup uses this suction effect to slow down the superpowered Princess Morebucks, and one final time in Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I), when all three sisters create one of these and cause extensive damage to Townsville as part of the ongoing effort to determine Buttercup's unique superpower.

Used by all three PPGs in the episode Power Noia (S5E2) in which they drill underground using this move and then erupt from the top of the body of the monster they were fighting, apparently having drilled their way through the critter's body from the bottom up. Nasty, but still cool.

Though first used by Buttercup during Powerpuff Bluff (S1E1 II) to deflect physical projectiles, it is more interesting the use given to the maneuver in Mo Job (S2E8 I) by the then superpowered Princess who managed to use the spin to deflect away from herself lightning attacks fired by Blossom.

Microscopic vision shown only once during Beat Your Greens (S2E5 I), when Blossom uses it to see and identify alien mind control particles hidden inside an asteroid.

X-ray vision a power used by all three PPGs in different instances to see inside solid objects. It is unknown if they are incapable of seeing through lead, as most other fictional users of x-ray vision (i.e. Superman). Among other episodes, it is used in Birthday Bash (S2E3 I), Slave The Day (S2E6 I) and 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas, as shown in the images below.


Dream Controlling: Another Powerpuff Girls actual canon superpowers, but since this is the kind of thing that rarely comes up in a Khazan match most people are unaware of this. It is something that first comes up during the episode Dream Scheme (S2E4 I).

In this episode, the Sandman, tired and grouchy about never being able to sleep himself, puts the entire world to sleep forever with his magic sand. Once asleep, the PPGs discover that their dream selves can meet in a shared dreamscape and go find the Sandman who is tortured with PPG-controlled dreams until he wakes up and decides not to fall asleep ever again.

The dream control ability makes a non-explicit comeback in Power Noia (S5E2). When Him invades the dreams of the PPGs and starts torturing them with their worst fears in dream form, Blossom realizes after a while the identity of the intruder and after helping her sisters overcome their worst nightmares they fight Him directly. This fight ends in Him's worst defeat in the entire series, with the ultimate evil imploring the girls not to hit him anymore and ranting about how he should have been able to crush them with their fears.

Super Imagination: The ability where the girls can combined their imagination and make it become reality. In episode Imaginary Fiend (S2E9 I), a boy's imaginary friend becomes real for undetermined reasons and starts disrupting school poltergeist style. Since the imaginary friend is intangible, the PPGs are unable to fight it directly and are forced to use their linked imaginations to create an imaginary friend of their own that beats the crap out of the evil imaginary friend for them.

Cloning and Copy Cat Technniques: The PPGs first showed the ability to create doppelgangers in Forced Kin (S4E10) as part of a team maneuver, but in Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I) it was revealed that cloning is something that the Powerpuffs can use individually with an ability that Buttercup called Copycat.

Inferno: A Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I) only power that causes the PPG that uses it to burst into flame that burns with the respective "power color". Done by the three PPGs.

Transformation and Changing Anatomy: Another Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I) only power which might be called "Aqua-Melting" (I don't manage to understand what Buttercup is saying exactly). In any case, this involves turning into water and transforming into a puddle in the ground. It is unknown whether the PPGs are capable of locomotion while in water form.

Snot Rocket: The PPGs only use this in Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I), but seems to be based in one of the special moves of the Rowdyruff Boys. The girls spit an energy charged snotball that detonates explosively upon impact.

Shrinking: Yet another thing that only is used in Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I) and apparently allows the PPGs to shrink themselves to the size of a small insect at will. Nothing else is known about the ability.

At this point, you can guess in which episode happens this power's single showing. The PPG using this power rolls into a ball, starts spinning around and an electric energy globe appears around her. No further details are known.

Ranking in Intangibility, Invisibility, and Teleportation: Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I) and about which we know little. The PPGs trigger it by making their bodies vibrate, which causes their forms to blur and disappear after a few seconds, reappearing some distance away.

Voice Mimicing/Speaking To Animals: Nuthin' Special (S6E9 I) only power. The PPGs can convincingly mimic the roars of animals animals.

Thunderclaps: Though one imagines that all of them are capable of doing this, considering their strength levels, the classic Thunderclap was used just once in the entire run of the PPG cartoon. In Mo Job (S2E8 I), Bubbles attempted to stun a super-powered Princess with one of these and wrecked much of Mojo's lab equipment with the attack, but Princess successfully defended herself with a spinning energy wave of some kind.

Fire Eating: Uh Oh Dynamo (S1E13) showed the PPGs swallowing massive amounts of fire to put out a burning building. This feat was replicated by Princess Morebuchs in Mo Job (S2E8 I), when she swallowed a fireball fired by Buttercup and then belched a smoke screen. I seem to remember one of the girls also eating an energy blast of some kind at one point or another, but cannot find the reference in my notes.

Power of Music To Manipulate Reality: Episode Mime For A Change (S1E11 II) is about a clown that is transformed into an evil mime by exposure to industrial amounts of bleach. The mime develops the magic ability to drain color and joy out of things and manages to turn Townsville and its denizens (except for Bubbles) into a silent, sad black-and-white movie.

Right until Bubbles decides to use the power of music (having failed in her initial attempt to use the power of crayons) and starts a ballad that heals first her sisters and then all of Townsville. Even the evil mime is healed after Blossom blasts him with concentrated music power through her guitar solo.

To finish, Abracadaver (S1E5 II) is an episode about the magic zombie of a stage wizard who died in an accident caused by a little girl who greatly resembled the PPGs. Upon raising from his tomb, the zombie causes severe mayhem with its magic powers and seems to curbstomp the girls with insulting ease.

However, when it seems that he has just killed Blossom with the iron maiden that killed him, it is revealed that Abracadaver is actually Blossom in disguise, who swiftly rescues her sisters. When asked to explain how they pulled that one, they answer the Mayor with "It's magic, silly!" and giggle. WTF squared there.

Now Last Part of the PPG feats are the Team Combos:

Starburst Formation: The girls combine their hand-projected energy beams to form a stronger energy beam, the Powerpuff Starburst Ray. This attack was used in episode Town And Out (S3E2 I), in which the PPGs used it to blow up the Citysville Bridge, and Forced Kin (S4E10), in which their joint beam was overpowered by the composite beam weapon of an alien spaceship.

Furious Fiery Feline: Also called Furious Flaming Feline, this combo requires that the girls fly so fast that they catch fire and then combine into a cat made of fire which seems to cause damage by setting stuff on fire. Its flames seem to be hot enough to cause discomfort to Muscle Max, a villain who had just taken out the entire Association of World Super Men, though that might be related to the cat being un-masculine (masculinity being the source of Muscle Max's superpowers). Appeared in Catastrophe (S3E8 II) and then in Members Only (S4E5).

Cherry Bomb: Two of the PPGs go to outer space, join hands, generate a cherry-shaped forcefield around themselves and then fall back to Earth, exploding with considerable force upon impact. If my notes are correct, this team combo is used only in All Chalked Up (S4E2) and proves ineffective because of the magical nature of the monsters created with Him's magic chalk.

Plan XQ: A team combo seen in Forced Kin (S4E10) which would seem to be related to the Copycat power (a less developed form of the same power, perhaps?) and which lets the girl generate a number of doppelgangers. The one time it was used, this combo failed (badly) because the alien spaceship they were fighting was able to copy them and generate a number of clones of its own that overpowered the PPGs with a combined beam attack.

Powerpuff Megablast: Used in Live And Let Dynamo (S5E16 II), the Megablast requires all three girls to help charge up an energy orb that detonates upon impact with force apparently equivalent to a multi-kiloton nuke. Despite this power, the Megablast was insufficient to cause any damage to Dynamo.

Atomic Twister: Used in Sun Scream (S6E5 I), this team maneuver was used by the PPGs to form a twister in space by spinning in circles. The twister absorbed the full power of a solar flare that would have scorched Earth otherwise and dispersed it harmlessly, although the girls got sun burns as a result of doing this. For reference, big solar flares contain tens of petatons (a petaton being a billion megatons) of energy, so dispersing the power of one of these is no mean feat even with the sun burns for a side effect.

Electric Ball: A nameless team combo used during The Boys Are Back In Town (S5E7) which closely resembles the Electric Boogaloo Forcefield power, only this one involves all three PPGs moving in circles and rather than act as a forcefield the energy orb shoots an electric ray towards the target of choice.

Razzel Dazzle: A pretty interesting team combo move that only appears in Live And Let Dynamo (S5E16 II), after all other attacks fail to stop Dynamo's rampage through Townsville. The girls start spinning around and either dissolve into a cloud of glowing energy particles or generate around themselves said cloud. In any case, Dynamo's attacks passed harmlessly through the energy cloud and seemingly could do nothing to prevent being lifted and knocked around until it stopped moving. After finishing with Razzel Dazzle, the PPGs were extremely dizzy and vowed to never again use the ability.

B-Bomb: Used during Little Miss Interprets (S6E1 I). The PPGs join hands and start to emit omnidirectional energy waves, eventually resulting in an explosion (that in this combo's lone showing blew up Prof. Utonium's lab and the house along with it).

Superspin: An ability shown only in Crazy Mixed Up Puffs (S6E7 I) when the PPGs were conjoined because of one of Mojo Jojo's plots. The PPGs start spinning and form an expanding orb of green energy that destroyed one of Mojo Jojo's vehicles without harming the monkey or any of the buildings that were also touched by the green energy.

Cosmic Cannon Ball: Seen during Substitute Creature (S5E6 II), this attack starts with the PPGs flying high above the target and then letting themselves fall, fusing into a ball as they go. The ball presumably explodes upon impact, but the attack was interrupted before being completed in the one time.

Spiral Drill Attack: This nameless maneuver is tried by Bubbles and Blossom during the battle against the giant Godzilla expy in Three Girls And A Monster (S3E6 I). It seemingly involves flying in a screw like trajectory to form a drill-like energy vortex, but its intended effects are unknown since the aforementioned Godzilla expy stopped the attack before it could hit him.

Wing Plan R: A combo that was used in Forced Kin (S4E10). Essentially, they use Butercup's belt as a slingshot to throw Blossom's bow (which actually is a powerful explosive!) at the enemy de jour.

Other combos not pictured because of lesser interest include Acrobattack (girls pirouette at superspeed towards the relevant enemy to kick him in the face), Fast Ball Special (Buttercup throws one of her sisters as if they were baseballs) or Reflect Pattern Omega (PPGs use reflecting tiles to send a laser weapon towards an enemy). This is all I got. If anything else comes to mind I'll be sure to add. Toon Force<3

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