Phoenix Wright VS Perry Mason: In the Court of Law

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Perry Mason


Phoenix Wright

It's OBJECTION TIME ladies and gentlemen. Two famous fictional lawyers duke it out in the court of law!

Both Perry and Phoenix have their own respective clients, and both Perry and Phoenix believe without-a-doubt that their client is the innocent one. They are given a week of preparation to interrogate witnesses, gather evidence and whatever other material they need in the upcoming case. Their objective is to prove that the other lawyer's client is the one guilty of the crime. The crime in question is murder, and if they fail to either convict the opposing client or force them to confess to the crime they lose.

The court is in session, and it's judgement time. Begin.

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I wish I knew more about the two characters, this looks like a good thread.

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@ohgodwhy: Same here I know nothing about Perry Mason so I'd be biased to say Phoenix.

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Being a fan of both (More so of Phoenix, can't wait for the Layton crossover!) I will say that Phoenix wins this with prep, Phoenix has access to detective Gumshoe and thus all his equipment (As seen when in the case with Damon Grant and later in the series where he can pretty much freely use whatever he wants.) With two weeks he can also get help from creative minds like Emma Sky and Edgeworth (He has shown to help Phoenix when needed.) If all that works, since Phoenix is free to interrogate the witness he has a huge advantage because while Mason must use persuasion and tactics to get the truth, Phoenix can instantly tell is the suspect is lying by simply using the magatama, on top of that with two weeks and info on the murder Phoenix can easily has Maya channel the dead spirit and have them explain what happened and how; further aiding them in the case, if worse comes to worse, Phoenix has Maya still in his corner to transform into Mia when things get bad as Phoenix is well known for turning even the most bizarre cases around. A simple murder case will be a walk in the park for the Ace Attorney. Look at cases like Rise from the Ashes, where the defendant admitted guilt and thanks to Phoenix was still found innocent, and that was a ridiculously complex murder case, this should not be to hard for Phoenix.

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Anyone else?

Well, personally I would go with Phoenix as well for the aforementioned reasons but I don't think Perry would go down easily.

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I'll go with Phoenix as well. It would be interesting to Phoenix take on Johnny Cochran in a similar scenario:P
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@Sonata: Johnnie Cochran is too fucking h4x. Phoenix is going to need to call Godot in for backup.

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phoenix because of intense PIS

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