Perfect Cell(Dragonball Z)VS The X-Men(Marvel Comics)

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Perfect Cell from Dragonball Z battles against the X-Men from Marvel Comics! Note well that the fight takes place in the Grand Canyon, that both Perfect Cell and ALL of the X-Men are written properly and as they should be and not being downplayed, jobbed, disrespected or poorly written in any way, shape or form and, in fact, are at their best in every respect. And in addition, Perfect Cell takes on all the X-Men he's facing at once, as any of them would go down against him in milliseconds one-on-one. The X-Men who Perfect Cell will be facing off against simultaneously consist of the following...Wolverine, Colossus(regular Colossus, not Colossonaut), Nightcrawler, Rogue(Ms. Marvel powered Rogue like we saw in the 90's and early 2000's), Storm, Jean Grey(normal Jean Grey, no Phoenix mode), Bishop, Cable, Forge, Copycat, Deadpool, Wolfsbane(hybrid form with original mutant powers), Feral(standard living self with original mutant powers, as her properly written dark heroine self, not her poorly written so-called villainess self), Thornn, Sage, Hepzibah, Guardian, Vindicator, Sasquatch, Puck, Havok, Psylocke, Emma Frost, Angel, Husk, Cannonball, Polaris, Boom-Boom, Firestar(I know she's an Avenger now, but she was originally an X-Woman, so I'm including her here), Marrow(properly written heroic self, not badly written messed up self), Cyclops, Gambit(standard self with original mutant powers), Sunfire(again, standard self with original mutant powers, and as his true dark hero self, not a so called villain), Banshee, Siryn, Sunspot, Strong Guy, Beast, Magma, Shadowcat, Longshot, Warpath, Callisto, Meggan, Captain Britain, Multiple, Shatterstar, Jubilee, Skin, Domino and Dazzler. Note well that I did NOT include Professor X or Iceman here due to how that would turn this fight into a mismatch, given all the others I'm having go up against Perfect Cell. So, will the X-Men's combined efforts be enough to destroy Perfect Cell? Or will Perfect Cell reduce them all to mutant flavored mush?

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Cell. Easily.

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@JThree47605: Are you Serious ??? Cell can get beat by a number of X-Men ALONE lol !

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@ALMIGHTY: None of the ones mentioned would stand a chance.

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Replace Friza with Cell and replace vegeta with earth and replace Goku with Franklin Richards :)

Cell destroy the mutants

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Listed mutants get raped pretty bad.

All of them on the other hand...

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Yep these guys are chumps. Cell wins easily.

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Deadpool wins. He annoys him to death.

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@JThree47605 said:

Cell. Easily.

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You mentioned captain britain, if so, captain britain solos, afterall you are talking about the protector of the omniverse.

Im assuming you wanted to create a spite thread, where cell easily solos, but adding Cap Britain was easily your mistake.

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Cell, rather easily. If Professor X, Jean Grey with the Phoenix's abilities, Magneto and Juggernaut were included, then it would be a whole different matter.

This is obviously a spite thread. -_-*

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Uh, VinoVash? Though Captain Britain AKA Brian Braddock is indeed a powerful hero, I looked him up both on Wikipedia and on Marvel Database, and while his powers listed were impressive, neither site gave any indication he was anywhere near Cell's level, much less above it. So I don't know why adding him would make it spite against Cell. And I wasn't looking for Cell to easily solo nor create a spite thread. If I wanted spite, I would have it so each mutant took Cell on one-on-one. I had them band together against him to give them a better chance.

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@blackdemon: The internet doesnt have much on captain britain, you have to read his comics to understand his powers. Every captain britain is nominated by the captain britain corps, when they are nominated they have the choice between the amulet of right or the sword of might, both are powerful artifacts. Captain britain always has some sort of power item, thats how he atttains his power, however after his resurection after the skrull invasion his powers became magic based, which comes from the friction between dimensions. Depends on which power item captain britain you were talking about, Captain Britain from Excalibur was waaay too powerful. A neutral Captain Britain was complimented by the phoenix force. So yeah, you could imagine how powerful he is.

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