Perfect Cell VS Three Powerful Marvel Mutants

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Since it turns out Perfect Cell from Dragonball Z could easily take out the X-Men I sent up against him before, I decided it might be a better match if I had him face off against three powerful mutants, with four rounds in all. All four take place in the Gobi desert, and he and the three mutants he's fighting-Professor X, Gladiator(the Kallark Gladiator, to be precise) and Iceman-are all written properly and the way they should be written. Now, then, here are the four rounds...

Round 1: Perfect Cell VS Iceman

Round 2: Perfect Cell VS Gladiator

Round 3: Perfect Cell VS Professor X

Round 4: Perfect Cell VS Iceman, Gladiator and Professor X simultaneously

List the outcomes individually and in the order above, please!

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Gladiator isn't a mutant, he an Alien

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Oh, sorry. Thanks for correcting me. I think I called him one because he's usually associated with X-Men related things in the Marvel Universe.

Btw, who do you think wins each round?

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Iceman goes subzero/stops time and stomps him in round 1...

Gladiator speedblitz and one shots him into nothingness in round 2...

Professor X Mindfucks him and forces him to blow himself up PERMANENTLY in round 3...

Round 4. Any one of them can solo in the manners I mentioned above...

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No guarantee telepathy works on Cell, he is an android.

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@ALMIGHTY: What this guy said.

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@JThree47605: No he is not an android... He is an artificial life form thats main purpose is to devour androids... Besides even if he were an android there is no evidence to say the androids in DBZ can resist mind control so that is a NLF

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Cell loses all rounds.

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He could beat Xavier via speedblitz but otherwise he may be susceptible to mental screwery, but Iceman I don't know. I don't think Iceman could actually kill Cell but perhaps incapacitate him. And Gladiator out right wins. Btw these are not rely the 3 strongest mutants. And as already stated Gladiator isn't even a mutant.
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@taichokage True, but I already said to DestinyHeroKnight that I thanked him for correcting me that Gladiator was an alien, and admitted where my mistake came from, so there's no need to point it out again.

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Has no chance against Iceman, I don't believe he can beat Gladiator.

Pro. X is the only one he has a chance of beating. If it's normal Cell, he'd probably tell Xavier how amazing he (himself is) is. Xavier destroys his mind. Other than that, if it is Cell who goes straight for the kill, Xavier is dead.

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Gladiator and Iceman take him out one on one, Prof X loses though IMO 
All three of them together wipe the floor with him with ease.
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