Perfect Cell Vs Piccolo

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Perfect Cell Vs Piccolo from Battle of the Gods movie.

First Battle - Perfect Cell Vs Piccolo

Second Battle - Super Perfect Cell VS Piccolo

In-character (first Battle), Second Battle - Bloodlusted

Place -Kaioshin Planet

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First Scenario: Piccolo. Second Scenario: Depends. If Piccolo didn't stop training he wins. If he did then Cell.
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i dont think piccolo ever got to ssj2 level power wise

Post by DeathHero61 (243 posts) See mini bio Level 8

Cell stomps easy.

Post by Sonata (36,199 posts) See mini bio Level 20

Not enough evidence that shows Piccolo is remotely even close to Cell in either scenario. Cell wins easily.

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Round 1. Piccolo at his BEST might draw.

Round 2. Cell.

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I will give Piccolo round one.

Round two Cell should win with mid diff.

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Yeah I think that it was later said by Toriyama or some databook that Piccolo was strong as perfect cell EoS, although I don't know if that applies to Super Perfect Cell

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If piccolo was as strong as a ssj2 in buu saga he wouldn't be sitting around and doing nothing. He is clearly below a USSJ .

Piccolo had 0 power up after fusing with kami, even if he trained at the same rate since then (unlikely) for the next 7 peaceful years till buu saga, he still wouldn't surpass SSJ2 GOHAN.


Cell takes this with ease . at best bloodlusted picoolo will take out semi-perfect cell , who is just below ASSJ level.

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I don't recall Piccolo being any more stronger than he was from Buu saga where he'd pose a threat to even Perfect Cell. The Namekian gets slaughtered.

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Round 1: Piccolo with major difficulties.

Round 2: Cell, with no trouble at all. Piccolo is not above SSJ2, and SP Cell is above that.

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piccolo both rounds barely though

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Round one: Piccolo

Round two: Maybe Cell.

I'm not too sure. I haven't seen Piccolo get any stronger after the Cell Sagas.

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Piccolo couldn't even avoid Dabura's spit who is Perfect Cell level. Nothing indicates he reached a level that would even make round 1 interesting. Cell stomps in both.

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Cell beats Piccolo both rounds. I don't think he even reached low tier SSJ2 level, which SPC would be classified under. Piccolo should be around FPSSJ going by simple scaling I suppose, but nothing else would prove otherwise.
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Super Perfect Cell is not SSJ2 level, Super Perfect is a little over SSJ level in Cell Games. (SSJ x1.5 maybe, not SSJ2)

SSJ Gohan > Perfect Cell >= SSJ Goku (during Cell Games remember)

I see Buu Saga Piccolo > most SSJ at Cell Games.

BoG Piccolo > Perfect Cell

Super Perfect Cell > Piccolo

I haven't seen anything to put Piccolo above Zenkai boosted Perfect Cell

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