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@supernova7005: I know it would take more tham 3 days to walk the entire Pennsylvania but is Pennsylvania anywhere near the size of a small country? No. Just because you believe the OBD has no credibility doesn't disprove the calc.

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@FormerCrimsonKing: According to google maps, you can walk 215 miles (or 340 km) in 3 days. This, they have got using an average speed of 3 miles/hr. And yeah, its larger than a small country like belgium

OBD's calc is invalid because they have based it on pixel scaling, rather than trying to understand the author's intent. We know very well that mangaka don't draw to scale, so the information given in the manga is always more reliable than scaling sizes by counting pixels.

If you want a better calc, here you go - (they've calced both its size as well as speed based on the information given in the manga alone)

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@supernova7005: 4 things about your post. 1. Lanza's radius was about 1/3rd of the actual size of Las Noches. 2. Sure it takes 3 days to travel through Las Noches, but that's including all the different pathways, rooms, floors, and different ways needed to get to the other side. its not just a straight path from one end to the other. 3. Since you posted the calc from the MVC, do you accept the calc for lanza's speed as well? 4. it feels good to debate against a poster who actually backs up their statements lol.

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@FormerCrimsonKing: 1. Actually it was about half. But that is mainly because the visible size decreases with distance. The explosion occured far behind LN, due to which it appears smaller.

2. Nah, that's wrong. It takes 3 days to get to get to the nearest gate from the outside, so there is no question of rooms and floors. They had to walk across one side of LN to reach the gate which is the entrance.

3. The speed part is a bit questionable since the exact timeframe was not given, so the 4 seconds was an assumption. But given that the fight no longer continued, I'd say its quite easily in the triple digits mach.

4. Sure, thanks. I feel the same about you btw

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