Pain vs Tobi

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Prep Time

Setting village hidden in the rain

This is before Tobi gets the rinnegan

In this fight to see who should rule the world who will win?

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Hasn't this been done before?

Anyway, in a straight fight my money is on it being a draw or Pain winning. It's a bit of problem to put Tobi in a fight against anyone, because against most people it will be a draw.

Tobi isn't winning this, as pretty much his only strategy is to warp his opponent away. With 6 paths coming at him at once (plus summons), I really don't see it happening. But then if Tobi decides to simply camp, Pain has no way of landing a hit on him except with a surprise attack (which would be doubtful).

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Tobi would win. 
He is Pain, plus Sharingan.
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@MisterShin: He said without rinnegan.

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Going up against Pein before gaining Rinnegan might be a bit too much for Tobi. While he could drag the fight out with intangibility via his space-time migration, Tobi can only hold it for up to five minutes at a time and needs to go tangible to attack. Not to mention with the overwhelming amount of power that the Six Paths of Pein can unleash, Tobi's only chance of victory is to warp the Peins away as GIRUGAMESH discussed and that would be very difficult to pull off.
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Tobi heads after the Chief and takes him out. (TBH that is what tobi would do since he knows the real pain, making life easier)
Even Itachi was confident he couldnt take out Tobi. IIRC 
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Pain wins quite easily. Tobi would stand a chance if he was fighting only one of them, but with all the paths present they should be able to overwhelm him.

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The interesting thing about naruto is that there are many battles in which either person can win. In fact this battle is all about who prepares the best.

Tobi: As the leader of the Akatsuki it would be no surprise that he would know how nagato's powers work, and so he will be checking out all of the high areas for Nagato's location. With his teleportation abilities as well as his sharingun and intangibility he will be able to detect patterns and be very cautious.

Nagato: has the rinnegan, and with the six paths of pain will be making alot of summons to keep tobi on his toes, along with the pain that spams out missiles all the time, he will try to overcome the intangibility time limit of tobi (see Konan fight for reference). Nagato will also likely keep Tendo pain with him in order to push or pull tobi. In addition Minato was able to exploit the fact that tobi has to materialize in order to attack, and so there is no reason why six paths of pain would not try the same trick.

Objectively there are scenarios in which both could win, though it is far more likely that Pain will win, due to the sheer number of tactics he can use.

Therefore, Pain wins IMO 7/10 times.

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ABC Logic  
Tobi gave orders to Pain and Pain basically was his bitch, anyone with the balls to go around and order Pain is obviously more powerful. Tobi hasn't even revealed his true potential yet.... Hopefully he has something different than the Rinnegan or his Space Time Jutsus.
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@MisterShin: When I saw Pain vs Tobi I assumed it was only the six paths vs Tobi.

And Itachi<Pain IMO.

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Well whether its Pain or Six Paths, I always take Nagato into count. 
As he is the essential component, without him there is no Pain. 
The rest are just dolls/corpses. 
Im pretty sure genjutsu still works fine on Nagato, but i could be wrong? 
Personally I would rank Itachi mainly above Pain due to Susanoo & Spiritual Items (Soul sealing Jar & Shield) & Hax eye tech. 
Also as TheNobody stated Pain was Tobi's Bitch, If Pain was more powerful he would be running things most likely. 
Tobi still has Danzo's comrade inside him right? that 1 from Shino's clan.
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@MisterShin: To be honest I don't see optical genjutsu working on rinnegan, since it's been proven to be an evolved form of the EMS.

Itachi is a beast with his susano, but I doubt he'd have the endurance to keep it going for too long. Also even his susano has no way to counter Chibaku tensei.

And just because someone is taking orders from someone doesn't mean they're weaker; Tobi brainwashed Nagato, that's all. Btw, even if he does have access to Danzo's comrade (shouldn't really count as it's meant to just be Tobi), it wouldn't make much of a difference.

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yup pein wins here

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