Pain vs Raikage and Killer Bee

Topic started by Obito on Feb. 1, 2013. Last post by WhiteLion 2 years, 1 month ago.
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Location & Rules

Location ; Konoha. 
Death for the win. 
No prep. 
Weapons are standard. 
Who wins? 

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Some people think Raikage dominates all but I'd give Pein the win.

B's the problem here but Pein's smarter than both of them. If Pein gets his chakra suck path on B, B's going down similar to how samehada was about to take him down. Then Pein just overpowers A.

Although in a 2v1 A and B could also claim a win.

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The Kumo brothers with high difficulty. Bee already know how to counter Chibaku Tensei. And a B that withstood his own BB is going to fare better against a massive Shinra Tensei (which is weaker than his BB). The Raikage is also the fastest here and was able to overwhelm RM Naruto initially in power.

If pain uses either one of his large-scale gravity techs, he's going to be left with a handicapped Deva Path. If he doesn't use it, his chances of winning are null.

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Hard to say.. Here's the break down of it though. If the brothers don't know the secret then this will be a log as battle. As Pain can keep reviving his other bodies, but. the only real problem is the Naraka Path, which can summon the others back, and the Chakra path, which can easily be taken down with Taijutsu. If they take out Naraka, then the chakra eater it's a win. Deva path had problems with Six Tailed Naruto. Killer B can go Full Hachibani, they got this.

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Pain wins

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nagato could fight on par with bee, naruto and itachi, both of them significantly stronger than raikage.

pain stomps

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That was Nagato not Pain. Pain's abilities are split between each one of his bodies, unlike Nagato who posses all of them. Their only possible problem is Naraka path, and Chakra path which are separate.

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Brothers, the duo is very powerful, A's speed was almost equal to nine tails chakra mode, and with one move (Aggravated rock jutsu) he destroyed a susanoo clone.
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I think it could go either way with difficulty. The question is if Raikage would be vulnerable enough where shinra tensei decommissions him at least for a time with one use. If so then it would be Pain vs Naruto over again but B is slightly weaker, hence I think Pain would come out on top. If Raikage stays in the game though he is enough to tilt the odds in favor of B and himself.
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I think they got it bro. Deva Path had problems with 6 Tailed Naruto when he had all of his Chakra, and power focused into one path. As tough as the Raikage is? If Chouji and Kakashi could take a few pushes I know this dude could. However the only pssible way they wouldn't get this is if they didn't take out nakra, but if they did I see it going to them 75%

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@WhiteLion: still, shinra tensei and chibaku tensei ends it all.

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Man that comment is kinda ignorant bro.

How the hell does that end it, and Naruto at 7-8 tails broke out of it, and Pain himself was having trouble with six tails, and all of his remain power was put in the Deva path? Secondly bro. It's not killing Killer B or A.

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